Thursday, 27 November 2014


This week I took my two toddlers ice skating. Alone. It was hilarious. If there ever was a scene in Bridget Jones, and she was a Mum of two and they went ice skating? It would have been that. My gusset was round my knees. I screamed continuously. A lad, who was so young I probably could have taught him, had to help me scrape my children off the floor. It was hilarious. Probably dangerous. But just brilliant. Seriously brilliant. You see. When I am with my children? We are untouchable. Together they can drive me mad. There's sometimes where I cry and they cry and we all cry. But then there's times? When the world stops. There's just us three. And we are team. Best friends. Like Bros. I'm probably Craig. 

Laughing as my gusset is round my knees

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wicked Wednesdays 26th November

Hello! And welcome back to wicked Wednesdays. Hope you are all well and that you aren't all freezing your asses off like me. It is so cold in my house as it is super old. You know one with 'character' which means one nice fireplace and the rest is mould and chilly? Yeah that. I've had a lovely week and we went to take the kids to see Father Christmas for the first time. And it was ace. Bar the boy was terrified. Alas I didn't catch a #wickedwednesdays shots. Would LOVE to see any of your weeping little ones with the big man himself. Is that mean?

There were some aces ones last week. You know how I love a dropped lip so I loved this double header from Little Hearts Big Love, I also always enjoy a smear of the gloop that is sudocrem so this shot from Gemma the Family Girl also made me giggle. And of course if you are willing to put a picture of yourself on the toilet? You totes deserve a mention. Big up The Price is Usually Right! You know the rules. There were a couple last week that just put their blog link not to the actual page? If you could put the actual page I will love you forever as it makes it super hard for people to comment! Have a beaut week babs.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

10 reasons why clothes shopping is sometimes SOUL DESTROYING

1) You enter the trendy hight street store during the one hour you have to shop for yourself. Alone. You do not know the song that is loudly playing. Everyone else knows the song that is playing. You pretend you do. But hate it so hard you wish you were back in the Disney store humming along to the Frozen soundtrack. Even that one that Christoph sings to Sven.

2) So fashion seems to have back to the 1990's when Claire Danes from my So Called Life was trendy (Jared Leto? FIT). You wonder if you can still pass off your parka you have from Pilot 20 years ago? And then remember you can't get it to do up over your tits. You curse yourself for not hanging onto your boots with wood in the heels.

You dreamy aloof 90s beautiful boy in a checked shirt

3) Oh God. So the 'crop top' is a thing? A real thing? And why do you keep picking up really nice flowery dresses that seem to be really short jumpsuits? Won't that give you thrush?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Festive Favourites Round-Up Week 1

Well I have caved in and given in to the fact that it is Christmas. I am aware it is not Christmas but to be honest it may as well be so here we are! It's Christmas yay! I have decided up until the big day I will be, each weekend, featuring some of my favourites from the previous seven days. Could be something for me, a pressie I've got for someone else, a day out we have gone on or a little haul from over on my YouTube channel. All manner of things. So sit back, grab a mulled wine (unless you are reading this at 11am. That's just wrong) and have a nose at this weeks 'Festive Favourites' (I'll be honest I couldn't think of anything more inventive).

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wicked Wednesdays 19th November

OK so is it Christmas now? It feels like Christmas! But Christmas is ages away. I am confused. We have been playing festive songs in class for the past fortnight. I ruddy love it. There are not many times where being an RE teacher is cool. But at Christmas? I am a rock star! Well kinda. My Year 7 boys asked if they could have Skrillex on instead? I know not who these people are. But they sound ruddy crap! They aren't no Wizard I tell thee.

We had a fab week last week with loads of lovely people linking up which was ace. My favourite was a bit of a Mummy #wickedwednesday action came in the form of 3 Princesses and 1 Dude and I also loved the very brilliant Blogfest shot from the super ace and lovely to meet Stopping at Two You know the rules by now. Link up. Comment on a few and then have a lovely week! The more comment love you give the more you get. That's how it works. Have a beaut week. I am off to have an early mince pie. Yum.

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