Thursday, 16 August 2018

11 Things Every School Run Parent Needs To Know!

I've done posts in the past to prepare you for your little ones starting school. This is a different kind of post. What you need in the house to ensure YOU are prepared for school. I've been a school run Mum now for three years and have learnt some tricks of the trade to ensure I don't completely lose my sh*t. So here goes. And whatever you do...please take my advice...

1. Nit Lotion
I have put this first as simply it's the most terrifying thing your kiddos may get in reception. Alongside a nice dose of hand foot and mouth. You MUST have nit lotion tucked away or even better pop a preventative spray on their heads each week. We had our first outbreak around a month into school. I have NEVER seen my husband more shook. Put it on your list now. Go on. Do it. You can thank me later.


Monday, 13 August 2018

10 Reasons To Visit The Mark Warner Perdepera Beach Resort In Sardinia

For those of you who follow me over on instagram you will see that we kick started the summer holidays by taking an amazing trip to the Mark Warner Perdepera Beach Resort in Sardinia. For the past few years we have only really gone on Disney trips so I was really excited to see how a beach resort holiday would pan out. We are used to getting up and being out and about all day so I knew this would be a real change and I can honestly say it was the end of term rest we all needed. Here are the ten things we loved about the resort if you are thinking about visiting...

1. Setting
The Perdepera Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful settings we have ever stayed in. With gorgeous sandy beaches on one side and luscious hills on the other. It is a very quiet resort so if you are looking for local shops and bars then this is not the place for you but if you are looking for peace and tranquillity it is perfect.

Mark Warner Perdepera Beach Resort

Mark Warner Perdepera Beach Resort


Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Perfect Summer Day Out At Thomas Land

One of our favourite places to visit locally is Drayton Manor. It's a theme park I've been going to since I was a child and I've spent many a happy day there with my two. Whilst I was on maternity leave with my son I loved grabbing him, my then toddler, a picnic and jumping in the car and going to Thomas Land. So when Nestlé got in touch and asked my girl to try out their new Nestlé Pure Life Water Buddies at a destination we thought was great for people to visit during the summer holidays, we knew we had to go back to Drayton Manor.

Thomas Land Drayton Manor

Thomas Land Drayton Manor


Sunday, 29 July 2018

17 Signs You Are A British Family Abroad

1. You worry about what to wear on the plane so you invent some weird new style. Involving 'cold weather' clothes for getting to their airport combined with flip flops. At any one point parts of your body are too hot or too cold. But it doesn't matter. YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY!!

2. You consume 162 lollipops on the plane before take off. Stating that to anyone that listens it will help for when "your ears pop".

3. Most of the plane journey involves you discussing the weather, worrying about if your suitcases will be lost, how warm it is going to be when you get off the plane and if anyone ears have popped yet.

4. When leaving the plane you all exclaim "IT'S SO MUCH WARMER THAN ENGLAND!". Even if it's raining. This weather comparison is a constant companion throughout your stay.

Melon and Pasta at the same time for every meal? Why not!


Friday, 20 July 2018

10 Ways To Survive The School Summer Holidays

1. It's Ok To Dread The Summer Holiday A Bit
It might be because you have the nightmare of trying to work out childcare or because like me you are faced with six weeks with two small children. It's OK to dread the summer holidays a bit. Whilst a lot of moments can be magical there are some bits? That are f*cking hard work.

2. Your Children Won't Get Square Eyes
So I've got my two beauts alone for six weeks. 11 hours a day. That equates to over 330 hours to entertain them. So I am telling you now if a few of those hours are watching TV so I can go for a wee, or watching a bit of YouTube so I can have a five minutes rest? I shall be feeling not one jot of guilt. Sometimes it's about survival.

3. No Mother Is An Island
If you can? Get help. Try and save up for a few summer play schemes. Or get your parents to take them out for a couple of days. Even if it's only two it's easier to know that in a fortnight you may have a day's rest. It will help the madness not seem so overwhelming.

summer holidays

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