Thursday, 29 January 2015

Weekly Wonders: The Perfect Presents Edition

One of the best things about starting this blog is I have met some amazing and talented women. The kind you can't even be cross with as they are so ruddy nice. So for this weeks Weekly Wonders I am going to focus on two businesses that have been started by fellow parenting bloggers and chums Gin Bunny Prints by Katie at Hurrah for Gin and Don't Buy Her Flowers by Steph at Sisterhood and All That. Showcasing some amazing ideas for gifts and cards that I think if I love them? You will too. PS this is not an ad, this is not sponsored sometimes? It's just nice to do something for your mate innit?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I DO love you child No2

Dear The Boy

Today I was having a clean out. You tried to help then, got bored and insisted on attempting to throw yourself off the top of your sister's new bunk bed. Again. Anyway. I digress. I came across these. These two perfectly lovely baby books. That I received as gifts when you were born. At the time I remarked how pretty they were. Sent 'Thank You' cards and lovingly put them on the shelf in the nursery vowing to start filling them in after the initial rush of having two small children calmed down.

Two years on? They remain as pristine and as empty as they day I got them. Taunting me every time I go into your room. Judging me. Insinuating to The Gruffalo and The Mr Men series that I do not love you, as much as love my first child. Well snore off beautiful baby books. I do! OK my daughter has two scrapbooks lovingly marking each milestone with shabby chic stickers and beautiful sayings. You have one hastily shoved together photo album I made in guilt one night.

So in a nutshell here are your milestones. At some point you started walking. I think it was around 14mths. You also started talking somewhere along the line. I can't remember your exact first word but I am hazarding it was "NO!" or "MINE". You got teeth. And once I took you for a haircut and you kept moving so there is one blurred photo knocking around in a drawer somewhere. Your milestones unfortunately got mixed in along the way with your big sisters tantrums, and potty training, and nursery drop offs, and pre-school starting. The list goes on and on and on.

Oh gorgeous books. I am sorry you remained sad and unfilled

Wicked Wednesdays 28th January

Hello! Welcome to this weeks #wickedwednesdays I hope you have all had a splendid week and are super happy. I. Am. Knackered. My girl has been having nightmares for three weeks (gah!) so I feel like the walking dead. You know when you have a new born and you are on adrenaline for a bit? And then the sh*t hits the fan and you collapse. I am totes at that stage. We have gro clocks and reward charts and oh all sorts of shizzle coming out of our arse. We shall conquer the monsters!

Anyway back to business. Another bumper crop last week from everyone. We had some corkers. Just a little word with my strict teacher hat on. Could you please make sure you link up the right post? Or make sure it is a bit relevant? If you need any help with how type it in just shout! My favs from last week were Minion Bucket Heads from Suburban Mum, a very rude baby from It's Mostly Okay and the strangest bell shot from The Un Cheshire Wife all hilarious. A bit of an all time favs for this weeks from me, and sorry if you saw it in my Ten Things I Hate About Two post. But it made me hardcore lol. As per link and comment lots. Have a good week babs. Same time same place next week?
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide to Childcare

Sob maternity leave is over and you have to go back to work (read all about that here). And chances are you are going to have to sort out some sort of childcare. And there is nothing more heartbreaking than having to hand your precious child over to somebody else. But let me reassure you. I have been a secondary school teacher for well over a decade and when you are at work? Or when you are not around? I am their Mum. I treat them like one of my own. Seriously (OK I don't give them the tablet and let them watch Peppa whilst eating malted milks but you know what I mean).

Most of the time people go into the profession of looking after children as they love them. Sure you hear the odd story on the news about x, y and z happening but on the whole? We are a good bunch who actually enjoy the company of your child. On the two days I work I make it my job to make your child happy feel as happy and safe as possible. I keep an eye on them. Notice when they are sad and praise them when they are being super ace. 

Please note. I was brought this mug. I did not buy it myself.

Sure it is different with a small baby or a toddler but be reassured we do care. And if you ever get a remote sniff we don't care? Then it is in your right to kick up an almighty fuss and sort it out asap. So this is not so much a 'Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide'. As I think most of us don't overly love the idea of us not looking after our own child. We all feel that guilt in the pit of our stomach and we all think about the 'what ifs?'. So we are never going to cure that ruddy guilt.

This is more the 'Make Sure You Are Well Informed Guide to Childcare So You Don't Feel Too Guilty or Sad' (catchy eh?). I have sourced some of the best links for you to look into whether you are considering a child minder for your 6 month old, want a nursery for your two year old or are looking into pre-schools for the first time.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ten Things I Hate About Two

Ah babies. They are cute aren't they? For all their poo-ing, wee-ing, sick-ing and general making you never sleep ever ness. At the end of the day? You can dress them up in a little babygro that looks like a small, cute panda and parade them round whilst occasionally sniffing their Johnson's smelling fluffy heads. You put them to bed the night before their second birthday. Mourning the loss of your one year old. Knowing that there will be a change. But hoping? They will remain your baby that little bit longer.

You my friend? Are screwed. They don't. As if by some evil magic caused by Maleficent herself they wake up on their second birthday and turn into utter b*stards. So behold the Ten Things I Hate About Two. And let's cut straight to the chase and start with the big dog...

1) The. Gulp. Tantrum
When they are babies they show a bit of defiance. You giggle and maybe say "oh he's got a bit of a temper hasn't he?". At two? 'The Tantrum' is taken to a whole new level. Whether it be dropping to the floor in Asda and screaming as they want something random like overpriced Peppa Pig plasters or like my two year old boy? The silent treatment. The ridged and terrifying silent treatment. Like out of a horror film where the child is plotting ways to murder their parents.