Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Grumpy Mum's Hit List

Pre-children I was a fairly laid back person. Yeah I used to get irritated by the odd t*sser cutting me up on my drive to work. And was mildly annoyed if someone pushed in front of me when I was at a bar (A BAR! Sigh remember them??). But overall life was OK and the general public just all merged into one fairly inoffensive person. Then? I had kids. And now? Good God! Some humans are put on this earth to either: make my life difficult, put my children’s life in mild peril or just? There to plain p*ss me off. So behold. Strangers who tip this grumpy Mum over the edge.

People who park in child car parking spaces. 
You are utter d*cks. If it is raining. And I am with two small children and I need to pop to Asda to get some toilet roll as we are using kitchen roll which my husband gets cross at. And I see you are parking in a space WITH NO CHILD (and no, an empty child car seat does not a child make)? I will do the Mum swearing thing which is dead quiet under my breath or really loudly in front of the kids, and then apologising about it profusely for the next hour. Which only highlights the bad word more.

This requires a lift. So take your small bag of Krispy Kremes and WALK UP THE STAIRS

Shopping centre lift hoggers
Shopping centre lifts are meant for the following people: people who can’t walk, people who struggle with walking and buggies. People who have just brought a bit too much shopping and can’t be arsed to get the escalator 10 feet away. Shame on you! You shall receive a tut from me and a “for gods sake”. Or a passive aggressive "oh kids if only WE didn't have the buggy then WE would walk up the stairs wouldn't WE" complete with a pointed look. Dead hard me.

Top Money Saving Tips for Tots

I shall let you into a little secret. Despite being a fairly normal human being. Nice family, good upstanding job. I am? A terror with money. Like awful. I may have (as in totally did) got into a bit of debt (cough a lot of cough) when I was in my youth. I may have brought ridiculously expensive bags which now just sit in a box gathering dust in my bedroom. So once I cleared all the stacks of cash I owed? I vowed not to get that way again. And? I'm pretty proud to stay I've stuck to it.

So I want to make sure my two (and my girl is showing ridiculously expensive bag taste already) understand the value of money early on. That they know how to start saving for things they want rather than me caving in and buying them everything as it is super tempting. So here are some Top Money Saving Tips for Tots.

Set A Good Example
It's no good saying that you're saving money and then just splurging in front of the kiddos. A treat here and there is brilliant but often when I am out I will see something big that I want (like a shed. OH THE GLAMOUR) and tell them that we have to save up for it. Or that we will get it in a few months. So they know that everything is not available instantly.

Curse you with your cute faces making me want to buy you things!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

9 Ways Sunny Weather Saves Parents Sanity

1) You can legitimately don a pair of sunglasses on the school run to cover your face and not look like wannabee celeb. When really you just forgot to wash your face and that's why you are wearing sunglasses in the mid October pouring rain. 

2) Every meal can be eaten outside. And every bit of mess can be left on the floor for 'the animals' to eat. Like you are doing them a favour. I'm not sure what kind of hybrid wild killer bird would eat a chicken nugget but hey they are always gone the next day! #winning

It's slightly sunny so that's why I am wearing sunglasses. Not cause I look like sh*t under them

3) We all know messy play indoors sucks ass. But during sunny times it means sand, water and a whole host of outdoors opportunities for 'learning through mess'! (whilst you watch lovingly with your feet dipped in the paddling pool. Feeling a bit smug at how well you are educating your children). 

4) Local rough parks look ace in the sun. I live in inner city Birmingham and generally parks round here look like crack dens. Not in the summer! They look urban and street! And produce some amazing Instagrams

Wicked Wednesdays 22nd April

Hello! And welcome back to Wicked Wednesdays! I hope you had a truly lovely week. I popped over to Stratford over at the weekend whilst the other half did the garden. This year is operation 'tart my house up good and proper'. So I can promise some very boring instagrams coming your way soon! Wahoo I hear you groan.

We had a lovely lot of bloggers link up last week and some proper corkers. More than one made me proper laugh out loud and this one from Run Jump Scrap may be my favourite ever! Hilarious! Also loving the work of Messed Up Mum again with a proper parenting fail and this one from Tantrums and Tailoring nearly made me have a little weep! So that's it! You know the score. Link up, try and comment on as many as you can. And newbie bloggers please ensure that it is a shot showing real family life and that you go and have a little comment on a few of the others! Enjoy your week Babs.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Children's Festival Chic

In a few weeks time we are taking our kids to their very first music festival. We are going to be staying the local Travelodge. But? Hey we will still be there the whole weekend soaking up the atmosphere with music, theatre and the odd cheeky Pimms (Fruit Shoots for the kids). So this month I thought I would do a festival chic fashion choice for my little ones. I am thinking sweet sandals and floaty dresses for the girl. Comfy shorts and fashionable T Shirts for the boy. Behold my festival chic family wish list for Summer 2015!