Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What bloody 'me' time!?

I just went for a lovely walk, alone, it's a warm night and the husband was with the kids whilst I popped out for a stroll. I arrived at my destination and had a little sit down and flicked through some trashy mags in peace. It was brilliant. I then met a nice lady that I see ever so often and we had a little chat about our holidays. I then had a lovely walk back. It was a nice little rest. A bit of 'me' time.

But hang on. This rest? This 'me' time. Was me going to get a bloody smear test!!!

Yes, the joyous 45 minute rest and relaxation time. WAS TO GET A SMEAR TEST! Not go to a spa, not have some Pimms in a beautiful country pub, not even going to the flicks and tucking into some pick 'n' mix on Orange Wednesday. Nope. It was to get my privates, my foo (yes I use foo, yes this makes me immature, but I like the word foo) looked at.

Since having my children I have found it increasingly hard to get any 'me' time and 'me' time generally is me getting my hair cut, or food shopping, or nipping out to hastily buy some clothes. So 'me' time is basically me doing normal everyday tasks under the guise of me having a 'treat'. Good job I have this amazing 'me' time or else I would be a long scraggly haired, starving, dirty ragged hobo.

This is not a smear test. This is is what should be classed as fun. Cocktails.
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Centralcrafts Review, Competition & Discount Code!

We all know how much toddlers LOVE bags. Bags full of all sorts or random tat like broken bobbles or half a Mr Tumble phone. They then demand that these are taken out with them and then bloomin make us carry it! So when Centralcrafts approached me with a beautiful owl rucksack to review? I thought finally! This may help my girl actually carry her own bag!

The recently re-launched Centralcrafts website is now offering, alongside a range of gorgeous home products, some lovely handmade bags and aprons that are perfect for your little ones. My girl chose this beautiful red medium owl backpack but there are a range of other colours on offer. When it arrived in the post her head nearly imploded and she filled it would all sorts of rubbish instantly! She loved it so much that when we went out for the day at the weekend she dragged the bag along with her.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Surviving the Summer Holidays - Week 1

Well I managed to get through the first week of the summer holidays relatively unscathed! In fact - don't tell anyone but I have really enjoyed myself. Before the six weeks started I was terrified (read why here) but I am really getting in the swing of things so I thought that I would share some of my favourite photos from the past week.

On Monday I used my toddler pass for the last time (sob sob sob) and we hit Thomas Land with my parents and we also met up with my lovely friend Melissa and her beaut daughter Reenie who tells the most HILARIOUS jokes ever. Here's us with Sir Topham Hatt (he will always will be the Fat Controller to me!).

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Good Girl Book

As we are all fully aware. Sometimes? Toddlers be cray cray. Yep. They push our buttons. They scream. They shout and generally? Are lunatics. And in the hot weather? Jeez this is magnified ten fold. By day one, 7am, of the summer holiday we already had had a full on breakdown and low and behold so the 'Good Girl Book' was created.

Previously I've talked about some of the tricks I use to tame the teenagers I teach and this really is just another one of those strategies I use in the classroom to make sure tables aren't thrown and teens don't have their equivalent of a tantrum = 'The Strop' (shudder). When I posted the pic of 'The Good Girl' book on Instagram and Facebook I had quite a few comments on how the book worked, so thought I would impart the little tiny bit of wisdom I do possess (I can do teaching and know loads about Take That, that's it!).