Thursday, 23 February 2017

7 Tips For Taking Kids To Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Since we became Merlin Pass holders Madame Tussauds has been one of our favourite places to visit. I think out of all the Merlin attractions it may not necessarily be something that you would think small children would enjoy but my two? Love it! So if you are thinking of taking kids five and under here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience.

1. Chose Your Time Wisely
Madame Tussauds is a very busy London attraction, especially with tourists visiting in large groups. So make sure you choose a time to go that you know will be a bit quieter. Try and get there first thing or perhaps visit in term time. With our Premium Merlin Pass it is possible to walk in a quicker queue which is really helpful if you are with small children who are not know for their queuing ability!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Seven Stages Of Sibling Spite

One of the many reasons I had another child was I thought that it would be good for the two of them to grow up together. To play with each other. To make each other smile and to generally be besties. F*ck me I got that wrong! From the minute they wake up (generally before 6am obvs) till the minute we get them into bed kicking and screaming they row, they bicker, they shout, they push, they tell tales and generally? They seem to well, kinda hate each other. There are different causes to their anger and hatred towards each other. They can be summed up like this:

Sharing (NOT)
The amount of times I say "share, share, SHARE! FOR GODS SAKE SHARE!" a day? Is unreasonable. They don't share. They pull, they grab, they hide things. They do the polar opposite of sharing. They fight over the tablet. They fight over The Gruffalo Book. They fight for twenty minutes over a free three year old Mr Tumble phone. Then it snaps. And they blame each other for not sharing. And I die a little inside.

Ahhh the joy of a sibling shout off. Generally over something really important. Such as one wanting the sing along words at the bottom of the Trolls DVD and the other not wanting it. The one who didn't want it can't read anyway SO WHY DID HE CARE?  The shouting starts as a mild rumble and then is just two kids, standing and screaming at each other. Probably forgetting even why they started. Now I tend to just walk away and hide in the kitchen...

Angry as he DIDN'T cream face in his face and she did

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Valentine's Day (Apology) Letter To You

Dear Other Half

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you remember our very first one all those years ago? Where you brought me gorgeous bits and bobs and I cried as you got me a candle holder in the shape of a heart. I lovingly wrote you soppy notes and brought you one of those little voucher booklets from Clintons. Where you could exchange them for a massage, a kiss and a bit of how's your Father. Each subsequent year we went out for a romantic meal, cocktails were involved and generally quite a few of those vouchers were used.

This year? We can't get a babysitter so we are going to watch a boxset and have a curry. Pretty much the same as every Friday evening. I know I will drink a bit too much of the cheap Prosecco and I can't promise that I won't be asleep by 9:19pm. Things have changed. We got older, we got kids and we got super passive aggressive about a variety of crap that really doesn't matter.

It drives me mad when you don't condition our daughter's hair but pretend you do ("THINK ABOUT THE NITS" I scream). I see your eyes roll when I shout about who does the most washing up. And it really isn't necessary for you to point out when you have put one load of washing on WHEN I DO IT EVERY DAY (OK sorry. I forgot this is supposed to be a love letter. I digress). But I do still love you very much.

Our last date. On a farm. With animals. And small humans

Monday, 13 February 2017

5 Best Half Term Finds On Amazon Prime!

half term amazon children programmes

HOORAY FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Being off with the children and no school runs is the best. Apart from that little bit where they still get up at 6am and nothing you want to do opens until 9am. So you end up with a few hours to kill in the house. After you have attempted some crafts and played a few rounds of tea parties, there is somehow still 90 minutes to fill. During which time you need a shower and a hot cup of tea. So this is when I turn to my beloved Amazon Prime account to keep my two occupied whilst I shove ALL of the make up on my face.

I originally got Amazon Prime as I wanted the same day delivery service. So if I had to buy a World Book Day outfit in a hurry? I could.! But as soon as I worked out there is stacks of great kids content on there. It became a lifesaver. So if you are looking for something to fill the gap between breakfast and soft play. Or fancy an afternoon in bed eating popcorn with your lovelies. Here are a few of my children's favourite Half Term picks from Amazon Prime.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

10 Things Every Mother Wants This Valentine's Day

Dear love of my life, Father of my children, my wonderful soul mate

I know traditionally Valentine's is a day to show how much we truly mean to each other. Pre-children we went out for fancy meals. You've bought me a dozen red roses and I've surprised you in saucy underwear. And I want you to know that I do love you. Like REALLY love you. But? I am also knackered, REALLY knackered. My legs are hairy and to be honest saucy underwear in my current state could possible repulse you. So? I have made a list of ten things I would REALLY love for Valentines this year. They are not traditionally romantic but to me? They would mean the world:

1. A lie in till at least 7:30am. Without me shoving and whisper swearing in your ear to get you up.

2. Hot cup of tea in bed that wasn't microwaved. Accompanied by toast I don't have to share.

3. You watch the kids whilst I have a shower. And by watch I don't mean let them kill each other in front of Paw Patrol.

OK so it's not fancy but I didn't have to make it and the tea is still hot! WINNING!