Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Fear. It's not something I usually feel. Since becoming a Mum I have felt fearless. Having children has made me a much stronger person. From little things like climbing up high to retrieve a wailing child from the top of the soft play. With my knees shaking and my heart racing. To big ones like being the calm in a storm of broken bones and ambulance rides. Consoling my child and kindly telling my upset husband to "not worry". "Fearless" is part of a Mother's job description alongside "flusher of the chain" and "person who packs suitcases".

But today? I feel it. I've woken up early to catch up on the events in Manchester and faces of victims stare back at me. The sun is shining outside, the birds are tweeting and my little bed invader is snoring softly. It's pretty much the most peaceful scene but words like "critical" scream out from my phone. Faces of beautiful children who will never see their parents again break my heart. I feel rattled. My "fight them by carrying on as normal" point of view is shaky today. To be honest? I don't want to leave my bed.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Why It's OK To Have The Odd Moan About Being A Mum

know I love my kids. My kids know I love them. Having worked in secondary education for well over a decade has shown me what children are like who sadly don't know what it is like to be loved. Or even liked for that matter. How that effects their behaviour, their outlook on life. And it's awful. And heartbreaking. But I am in the privileged position that my children will never know this pain. Ever. I love them with every inch of my being and I tell them every, single day.

But that doesn't mean that sometimes? They don't drive me utterly insane. Like close to the edge insane. I am fully aware that I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children. And I appreciate them so much. But if you ate chocolate for every meal, as much as you love it? Sometimes? It's going to make you feel a bit sick.

And that's why it's OK to have the odd moan. Life is imperfect. We are imperfect. Yet increasingly we are feeling the pressure to feel perfect. Whether it be in our teens when we think immediate stardom is awaiting on YouTube or the X Factor. Or in our 20's that we can find the perfect career and handsome husband. Or in our 30's we think that our life is a instagrammed, pinterest perfect world full of amazing cakes and happy smiling children. And if that's the way your life did pan out then hats off to you lucky, lucky sod.

Monday, 15 May 2017

The 10 Commandments Of The 'Play Date'

1) Thou shall try and organise it at anywhere other than your own house
No one wants a playdate at their own house. You have a what's app message group where you all tentatively chat about a date, then someone mentions soft play, then you decide to meet round someones house and no one wants to be the person to say "I'll host!"...

2) Thou shall reluctantly agree it's your turn
...after six months of never hosting someone suggests they all come to your's. You want to cry. But you say "HEY THAT SOUNDS REALLY FUN I CAN'T WAIT" and send an emoticon of love hearts and stars but really you want to send the one of the rolling eyes plus the water pistol gun. Maybe even the knife one and the one that's a fist punching. Yourself in the face.

3) Thou shall clean the whole house with a baby wipe
Despite knowing full well your house is going to be filthy within three minutes of your guests arriving you hastily clean your coffee table with a baby wipe and have a good check for raisins squished into the carpet. You check the toilet has not floating poos. As flushing appears to not be mandatory these days.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

10 Tips For Disney World First Timers!

Disney World Tips

We recently had the holiday of a lifetime at Walt Disney World in Florida. Before I visited I did quite a bit of research to ensure that our four year old son and six year old daughter experienced the best two weeks of their life. And I can hand on heart say that they did. So I have narrowed down the best tips that I have found worked with younger children who may be overwhelmed with jet lag and heat.

6 Ways To Prepare To Return To Work After Having A Baby

returning to work

I have been a full time working Mum, a part time working Mum and now am a working from home Mum. I've done the lot! So I feel that I can offer some good advice when it comes to returning to work after having a baby. It really is one of the hardest things to do but I promise if you follow this advice it should make the whole ordeal that little bit easier. I can't guarantee that you won't cry on your first day back but I can guarantee you will be organised at least.

1. Book In A Return To Work Meeting
Make sure you book a return meeting as soon as you feel ready. You may be considering cutting back on your hours or need to explain that on certain days you may be in a little bit later. It's really important to let your employer know about this as soon as possible. After my first child I wasn't allowed the option to return part time so after my second? I let the school know well in advance.