Thursday, 3 September 2015

Why Shopping With A Small Child. SUCKS

The Positive Start
"I'm going to take the kids shopping!" you think to yourself. Sure last time there was a fight over some Peppa Pig plasters. There was also that elderly lady who tutted when your daughter dropped to the floor screaming in front of the entrance. Oh and there was that £20 bribe toy you had you get your son to stop him crying...this time? This time it will be different!

OK. Two children. One trolley. A relatively short shopping list. A bag of snacks. What could go wrong?

Tantrum in the pizza aisle. Perfect

Arrival Part 2
"I haven't got any change for the trolley? Why do I need to pay for at trolley? What tramp would steal trolley?" "WATCH OUT FOR THE CARS" "No you can't both sit in the trolley" "I SAID WATCH OUT FOR THE CARS!" "No we are saving the snacks for later" "No you can't have a magazine we aren't even in the shop yet!" "Oh for gods sake just eat the snacks".

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wicked Wednesdays 2nd September

Welcome to September! And the first Wicked Wednesdays of the new school year! September is always ace for me as it means a total fresh start at work and it's going to be the same on the blog. I've decided to try my hand at being a part time pro blogger! WAHOO. My boy is off to nursery every Wednesday and this means that I can work all day and be able to watch tele again in the evening. The actual dream. Oh I love tele.

Another fab lot of linkerupers last week. Do remember that it doesn't have to be a tantrum each week. I welcome any shots of REAL family life. Such as crap crafts, proper Pinterest fails and messy homes. Also vintage shots are allowed! My favourites for this week were posting a baby from Reimer and Ruby, less is more from Mum to a Monster and Sunday brunch from 4128 Miles. As per usual, link up, comment lots and hopefully get lots in return! Have a lovely week and may your return to school be peaceful.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Party Dress Fit For A Princess

Ever since she has been a tiny girl my daughter has LOVED a party. She loves everything about it. From the dressing up in a super snazzy dress to the idea that there may be a few sausage rolls going spare or the odd cake. This weekend we were invited to a lovely baptism and wanted a new dress for my girl to wear. We were lucky enough to be able to choose one from Roco, a site specialising in clothes for special occasions.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dear Parent...

Dear Parent,

Congratulations! Your child is going to school. They are about to be flung into the big bad world and learn all sorts of things that will help them to grow up to be fine, young adults. Stop sobbing! It's OK! I promise you, it's going to be OK. Look, let me set your mind at ease. I'm a teacher. And no, not all teachers are like Mr Bronson from Grange Hill. Or that odd PE teacher that dished out too small towels in the shower rooms when you were in fifth form. Nope, controversially? Some people enjoy being teachers! I know? Mad isn't it.

There's lots of writing around to help you to ease your child into attending pre-school, or reception or even gulp 'big' school. But what about you? Your worries and concerns? I promise you this, when your child is in my care or any of my other hard working colleagues? We look after them like they are our very own. OK so no I don't let them watch Peppa and have the odd sneaky pack of Smarties whilst I wash up. Let me rephrase it. In that one day, or one hour your child is in front of us. We treat them with the love and respect that your child deserves.

We love them you know like our own (we just don't give them Smarties...often)

My Monthly Favourites: August

Now summer is over I've decided to have a few new features on the blog and here is the first 'My Monthly Favourites'. Each month I am going to do a little piece on some of the best things we've been sent to review or days out we've been invited to. So you can have a glimpse of some lovely new products on the market or have a nose at what we've been up to. Generally there is going to be a competition at the end and this month is no different...

Reviewing bags from Kipling with a kiss

Getting ready to do some hardcore chip testing at Beefeater Grill

Friday, 28 August 2015

Bank Holidays Then. And Now

The Lie In
Then - Three days of luxurious lie ins. The dream of waking up on a Monday morning knowing that you can happily go back to sleep again. Or that feeling on a Sunday night when you don't have to set the alarm. Bliss.
Now - It's become a stand off situation. There are three days off so that means that one of you will have to get up at the crack of arse for two days and watch Peppa Pig. Whilst the other gets away with just the one. This is not fair. You both lie still. Not breathing. Whilst the kids shout "MUUUUMMYYYYY" "DADDDDYYYYY". One of you gives in and mutters "Oh for f*cks sake". Whilst other smugly does a silent fist punch.

Then - As you had Monday off it was virtually compulsory to booze from the moment you legally could till the moment you legally couldn't. Hell you may have even gone to an all nighter. On a Sunday. What would Jesus think? You didn't care.
Now - If the weather is nice you may have a sneaky Pimms in the back garden. Or if it's pissing it down (standard) you will resort to the dregs of gin with flat tonic in front of whatever crap is on the tele. Raiders of the Lost Ark anyone?

I miss this