Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Are Rowntrees Reduced Sugar Sweets Worth The Hype?

I have always been obsessed with Fruit Pastilles. When I go on holiday? I take with me two packs of five just in case it's a country that doesn't sell them. You can often find a pack in my handbag and I love each and every the green ones. I mean who likes them? A heathen that's who. So when I received a mystery package from Rowntrees a while ago which looked like a Fruit Pastille and tasted like a Fruit Pastille I emailed them and said "Mmmmm these are just Fruit Pastilles right?". They mysteriously replied..."all will be revealed".

Rounders Reduced Sugar Sweets
Best way to eat sweets? In your dressing gown obvs

Monday, 24 April 2017

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy...

This is a little letter to say "thank you". It's not something I say often and I wanted it written down for you to refer to in the future. For those times I am cross. Or tired. For those times I shout when you get in late from work and everyone is fighting around me. Or the mornings when I have to get up with the children, despite you having had lie ins for the past seven weeks. Whilst these are the things that can annoy me, drive me mad and whisper swear "For f*cks sake", this is a letter about the other 90% of the things you do. That sometimes can go unnoticed.

Thank you for being an amazing Dad. It sometimes feel unfair that I am more often than not the bad cop but I'm so pleased that you're around to be the good one. The 6ft2 gentle giant that can throw my children high in the air and carry them on your shoulders (whilst I squeal "DON'T HURT THEM"). The one that will always get in the swimming pool and go flying down the slides when Mummy doesn't fancy getting her hair wet. You push them higher than I ever would on a swing and I've seen you knee deep in more ball pools than I would like to count.

Ten Things To Do With Kids At Chessington World Of Adventures

Last year we visited Chessington World of Adventures for the first time and I wrote about ten things that my kids loved whilst we were there. We loved it SO much that we decided to visit again with our Merlin Premium Passes a few weeks ago and found a whole heap of rides and animals that we didn't get round to seeing on our first trip. So here are ten more things to do with kids at Chessington World of Adventures...

Chessington World Of Adventures

Chessington World Of Adventures

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

So It Looks Like You're Off To School...

Dear Beautiful Boy

Today I got the email I had been avoiding thinking about. The one that says you are leaving me. The one that says that as of September you are no longer mine but you are are going off out into the big wide world. You are off to school. When I wrote a similar letter to your big sister two years ago it didn't hurt quite so much as I had you. You were there to fill my days with giggles and cuddles. You were there to snuggle in front of the tele with me. Go on adventures to parks or pop to Poundland for treats your sister didn't know about. But now you're off too.

starting school

Thursday, 6 April 2017

10 Rules Of Packing For Holidays

1) All packing must be done by the mother and the mother alone. This is an unwritten rule. No-one really knows why this rule exists but for some reason IT IS A RULE (FFS).

2) You will not be able to find one of your suitcases for some reason. You can't remember where you stored the missing suitcase but this will certainly be the suitcase that holds the important things like travel plugs, or the travel iron (never to be used) or just stuff you f*cking well need.

3) When you find most of your suitcases they appear to be smaller than they were last year which means you have to rethink exactly what you will pack. Can your whole family live with no shoes for a fortnight maybe?

Packing For Holidays