Monday, 18 June 2018

10 Things To Do In Walt Disney World For 7's & Under

Walt Disney World Tips

We recently returned from our second trip to Walt Disney World and in my first blog post about our holiday I chatted all about how to plan what to do before you go. Whilst I was away I had a lot of questions on social media about what we do with our children. So I thought I would pull together 10 of our favourite things to do in Disney with our little ones...

1. Character Meet And Greets
One of the most obvious things to do with younger children when you are in Walt Disney World is to take part in the character meet and greets. These provide the most magical experience. To ensure that your little ones meet their favourite it is possible to book in a few via Fast Pass on the My Disney Experience site. However generally if you arrive in the parks early enough the queues are relatively short. It's a good idea to have autograph books ready as each character has a special signature and my children often draw in pictures whilst waiting in the queue which the characters love.

Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom


Friday, 15 June 2018

Dear Daddy...I'm Sorry...

Dear Daddy...

This is a little letter to say "thank you". It's not something I say often and I wanted it written down for you to refer to in the future. For those times I am cross. Or tired. For those times I shout when you get in late from work and everyone is fighting around me. Or the mornings when I have to get up with the children, despite you having had lie ins for the past seven weeks. Whilst these are the things that can annoy me, drive me mad and whisper swear "For f*cks sake", this is a letter about the other 90% of the things you do. That sometimes can go unnoticed.

Thank you for being an amazing Dad. It sometimes feel unfair that I am more often than not the bad cop but I'm so pleased that you're around to be the good one. The 6ft2 gentle giant that can throw my children high in the air and carry them on your shoulders (whilst I squeal "DON'T HURT THEM"). The one that will always get in the swimming pool and go flying down the slides when Mummy doesn't fancy getting her hair wet. You push them higher than I ever would on a swing and I've seen you knee deep in more ball pools than I would like to count.

Fathers Day


Superheroes For The Day With Milkybar Wowsomes!

I have the greatest job in the world. Sometimes it's dealing with boring invoices and chasing emails. Occasionally I have to block some mean trolls. But then other times brands get in touch with me and ask me to do the most ridiculous things with my kids. And it puts a huge smile on my face. Milkybar® got in touch and asked if my seven year old and I would take part in a 'Why Not' challenge to promote their Wowsomes® chocolate bar. Which have 30% less sugar than similar chocolate products. I took a look through the challenges and thought "AND WHY NOT!" (see what I did there).

Milkybar Wowsomes


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How To Plan Your Perfect Walt Disney World Trip!

Walt Disney World

We recently returned from a holiday to the wonderful Walt Disney World in Florida. As this was our second visit this time around we were much more prepared. So I thought I would give you some tips if you are planning to visit and are feeling like you don't know where to begin...

1. Research
The best thing to do to prepare yourself for Walt Disney World is to do some research. There are some wonderful books available online for example the Birbaum's Official Guides. But I found the best place to get my tips and ideas for what I wanted to do on the trip is YouTube. The Tim Tracker regularly visits the parks and offers loads of useful advice. Warning. You WILL become addicted. There are also plenty of groups on FB including Disney World Florida for Brits as well as some beautiful instagram accounts

Hollywood Studios
My little boy got his wish in Hollywood Studios!


Monday, 11 June 2018

You'll ALWAYS Be My Little Girl

To my beautiful girl

You are currently seven and a half. Your feet are close to a size two grown up size. Your front teeth look a little bit big for your face. And your limbs are long and bony. When Daddy carries you up to bed I can't believe how big you look in his arms. But when I creep in your room before I go to sleep and see you lying in bed, a Stitch toy in one hand and your bum hanging out of the duvet. I'm reminded you are still my gorgeous little girl.

Recently you seem torn between being my baby and hurtling towards being a tween. In one moment you may sob for me as you have bumped your knee and want a cuddle. The next you are screaming "IT'S NOT FAIR" and stomp up the stairs before you slam your bedroom door loudly. Sometimes I never quite know which child I am going to be greeted with when you wake from your slumber. Occasionally your moods catch me off guard and I shout at you a bit louder and for a bit longer than I want to. As I'm just as confused as you by what's going on in your head.

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