Saturday, 23 May 2015

More Mutton. Less Mum.

Today I went "up town". I was child free. I was alone. No Mum bag and I like to think if I had hidden my wedding ring? I could have been classed as a cool, hip and trendy single lady. Ala Beyonce. No-one could have noticed that I had been up all night with a poorly tiny son. And OK yeah I had a rain coat with me, you know just in case, but bar that? I was Swifty's older, bustier, sister.

There has been a change of events recently. I'm not sure if it's because those baby days are long behind me and it is possible to get at least a few nights sleep in a row. But I have started to feel a bit more me. However the me that I feel? Is the me before mortgages, marriage and kiddos. Worryingly? I am feeling mid 20's. However? My body is not. I found myself roaming Miss Selfridges trying to work out if I could fit into a super short playsuit without my privates hanging out the bottom. If I would suit a floral crown at 37 and how many pairs of jelly shoes did I need to carry me through the summer.

My ripped jeans. Like the youth.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

9 Stages of Going On A Date. Parent Style.

1) Decide to go on a date!
You've not spoken to each other properly in about three months. Well you have had two in depth discussions. One was about nits, the other "should be get a new shed?" oh and there was a small one sided rant about putting the washing away. A date is in order. Or a divorce.

2) Sort a baby sitter
Choice is limited. Between various peoples schedules, the fact that your children are sods to put to bed when you are in charge let alone anyone else. You end up scheduling a four hour slot on a Sunday afternoon where they can have a play, their dinner and cause minimal damage to someone else's house.

3) Get excited!
The excitement. Of four whole hours free to do what you want is immense!!! FOUR WHOLE HOURS! You could fly to Paris and back (OK literally that would be it) but still FOUR WHOLE HOURS.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wicked Wednesdays 20th May

Well blimey! Last week was a bit exciting. This little linky got some coverage in the local and national press. On The Birmingham Evening Mail Facebook page lots of people WHO WEREN'T BLOGGERS showed off their tantrum pics and my two and their little sour pusses featured in The Mail Online, The Metro and The Express. Then in a strange turn of events??? All over Europe! Serbia loved it. Hilarious.

And yes...along with it came some mean comments. Saying everything from I am desperate for a reality TV show, to my kids are naughty, to I am a crap person/blogger/teacher/human being. And it wasn't great. But I also got a lot of love. Big thanks to Becky from 3 Princesses 1 Dude for her help with a couple of shots and same to Beth over at Twinderelmo. Ladies you rock. Another big shout out goes to The Price Is Usually Right for literally the best Wicked Wednesdays I have ever seen!

So let's keep linking up these amazing shots of real family life. And let's get some sense of proportion. In the stacks of lovely photos we take of our children we love. If ever so often there is one of them looking miserable? Or maybe our house looking a state? That's OK! Go forth, link up, enjoy and comment! Lots of Love Em x

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide To Being A Bit Bored

It is often said that being a Mum is the most rewarding job in the world. Elderly people say when they see me with my two little ones that I should "soak up every moment". And I do. I love the way they cuddle me so tight when they are feeling upset or just want to tell me that they love me. When my girl runs up to me with another picture she has drawn of me and her at pre-school. Watching them play happily with each other makes me literally want to squeeze them so hard and make a strange noise. They have changed me forever for the better, this is undeniable.

But sometimes (whispers) I'm well...a bit bored. Sometimes I am looking at the clock at 3pm and thinking "when the god damn hell is my husband coming home?". If I hear the Peppa theme tune one more time I feel I am going to gauge my own ears out. And that story that my girl loves so much was cute the first 147 times I read it? Now. I want to change the plot so all the characters mysteriously vanish (die. I want them to die).

Hide and seek again you say? BRILLIANT!

Weekly Wonders Local Family Fun Edition!

It's been ages since I have done a Weekly Wonders review post but recently I visited a couple of local places I thought would be worthy of writing about. Firstly we were invited to trial the new kids menu at a Frankie and Bennys blogger's meet up. Secondly I may (totally did) have took Erin out of pre-school for the day and ran away to Twycross Zoo! Mwah ha ha....well you're only four once aren't you?