Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Crap at crafts and other parenting fails

Since I've been a part time stay at home Mum I have been immersed into a world I don't quite fit into. I can wear the Mum coat, I can carry the Mum bag and douse myself in dry shampoo. I can drink copious amounts of luke warm tea and watch endless amounts of Peppa. But there at certain parenting skills I am just well sh*t at.

The world of Instagram and Pinterest dictates I should be able to knock up a three tier Frozen birthday cake in an afternoon whilst my two kids happily and quietly play (ha!). I should be able to make a wonderful autumnal leaf display, which placed alongside a glut of home grown marrows, would produce a shabby chic kitchen table centrepiece worthy of featuring in Home and Garden magazine. But I can't. I'm sh*t remember. Like I just said.

Yum Brum Pizza Express Fun!

Recently I wrote about the utter DOOM of taking two toddlers out to eat. So when Pizza Express in Brindley Place offered us chance to go and test out their menu. I'll be honest? I was terrified. But. Me and the hub sucked it up and, after visiting SEA LIFE Birmingham which is just around the corner, we popped in for some food. 

For those who don't know Birmingham very well 1) change this and visit asap it is aces and 2) Brindley Place is just off Broad Street and is one of the liveliest places to eat and drink in the city. The Pizza Express there is in a prime position and the layout and decor is just lovely. For starters we went for the ultimate family favourite garlic dough balls. Standard.

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Octonauts Come to Brum!

SEA LIFE Birmingham is one of the many fab attractions we have here in the second city. We literally couldn't be any further from the sea but still get to view a host of beautiful fish and gaze in awe at my favourites, the penguins. I've reviewed it as a toddler day out before here. But now there is a new added exciting element...The Octonauts!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Life: The Insta-Sham

This is not a post getting all up in instagram's grill and saying "I hate you". Please understand I ruddy love Instagram. I can often be heard saying "life looks better in lo-fi". And the way that sierra makes me look ten years younger? Tis the actual dream. But let's be honest. Life? Is not like our instagram feed. On mine you will see the cracks with the odd tantruming boy or weeping girl. And occasionally I post a messy room or a grumpy face. But generally? My life on Instagram. Is a sham. An..Insta-Sham! (see what I did there?)

So here it is - my life. The perfect lo-fi, brightened, sharpened, staged version v the well real #nofilter version. And in this version. There is no filter. Not like when you say #nofilter but you still have a filter. Or when you say you have no make up on. But you on have tinted moisturiser. That is still make up people!

Taking 'Our Kid' on the School Run

It is a well known fact I generally look a hot mess on the school run. If I could wear pyjamas? I ruddy would. I wear clothes as close to them as humanly possible. However. My children? I always ensure they look as lovely as humanly possible. You may say I look like I've just rolled out of bed and doused myself in dry shampoo. But my kids? Always scrub up nicely. The girls is no problem. As she is in full school uniform (oh the weeps) but the boy? I've had to up his fashion game from scruffy jeans and T-Shirt So we turned to online children's fashion store 'Our Kid' to help us out.