Monday, 23 January 2017

Spring School Run Mum Wishlist

spring fashion

It seems to have been raining for an eternity. But today? As I went on the school run I noticed a slight change...something turned up that I hadn't seen in a long while. THE SUN! Yes the sun was out and there is nothing finer than the potential of a season change as it means? I get to buy all new things! For those who don't follow me on instagram, every day I post what I am wearing. Sometimes I look lovely? Sometimes I look a hot mess but it's to show what real Mums are like. So today here are a few pieces I would LOVE to wear in the coming months.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

9 Things I Swore I Would Never Do As A Parent. (But Now Totes Do)

I vowed my little one would not watch tele. Oh no! I would read them books from day dot. I even bought those black and white ones especially made for 4? I was weeping with exhaustion whilst my baby was transfixed by Baby TV. Now? I can sing a myriad of theme tunes. Have a small stalkerish obsession with Mr Bloom and my son can sign language courtesy of Mr Tumble.

I thought Mums that took their kids to McDonalds were...well just a little bit...common. Now? I can confirm that MCDONALDS SAVES LIVES! Baby asleep in the back of the car? Nip in the drive through and grab a McFlurry and a Diet Coke. Toddler screaming blue murder as they have just had jabs? McDonalds it is! Can't be arsed to make tea? ANYONE FANCY A NUGGET?

Fancy a nugget bab?

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Bad Mum's List

Over the past six months I have noticed a bit of a strange phenomenon  I seem to have made it onto some sort of media list. Is it for the times I have chatted about PND and how I have helped women come to terms with that it's OK to feel sad and stressed sometimes? No. Or perhaps the BBC are getting in touch with me about my plus size instagram posts and accepting ourselves the way we are. Nope. I? Am officially on 'The Bad Mum's' List. I get asked regularly by local radio stations, BBC2, BBC Radio 5 Live and a whole other host of media outlets to comment on parenting. And let's just say? They aren't interested in painting me in the best light.

Some examples include them wanting me to say live on air that I agree with smacking (I don't). That it's OK for children to drink alcohol at home with their parents over the festive season (mmmm my kids are 4 and 6?) and today I was asked to say that prams have more rights over disabled people on buses. Obviously I turned all of these marvellous media opportunities down. As you know? Surprisingly enough I didn't want to look like a totally dreadful awful human being. As I'm not a totally dreadful awful human being. I'm actually surprisingly nice!


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pushing Your Buttons And Breaking Your Heart

Recently my youngest has been hard work. And by hard work I mean REALLY HARD WORK. At four he seems to have taken the terrible twos to a whole new level. He has strength now and street smarts. He knows how to push my buttons and can manipulate the most simplest of situations. My daily norm seems to involve bribing, comprising and walking on egg shells. We do the naughty step, we do reward charts, we do tough love as well as doing ALL the love. But still some days I end up having a little cry as he breaks my heart once more.

Yesterday he was hysterical going to pre-school. Beside himself. It was awful. When I finally managed to get him through the door (after one attempt at sitting on the rainy floor, two attempts at running down the street and a lot of screaming) I had to drop him on the carpet, run and leave him with is teacher. I got in my car and cried. Then cried all the way home. And cried on the couch. It took everything in my will power not to run back and get him. But I know he loves pre-school. I know he was just trying his luck and I know he knows it upsets me so.

Monday, 16 January 2017

5 Ways To Revamp Your Make Up Bag For Under A Tenner!

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

New Year is a time where you start to think about a new you. You've spent the whole of December eating mince pies for breakfast (or was that just me?) and you want to start off 2017 looking all snazzy. But then you remember that you have no money left and pay day? Seems an eternity away. Last year I worked with Boots Natural Collection on a post about an easy day to night look for the festive season. This year? I've been asked to offer a few tips on how to update your make up bag whilst showing off a few of my favourite Natural Collection products.