Friday, 16 March 2018

11 Helpful Things To Do When You Are Sleep Deprived!

1) Cry.

2) Fight with your other half over who is more tired. Then cry.

3) Drink copious amounts of luke warm tea/coffee or have a diet coke permanently stuck to one hand. One in the baby bag. One in the car. One next to the bed. One in the bathroom where you left it a few nights ago. Or was it a week ago? F*ck knows you're too tired to remember.

4) Start to develop inappropriate crushes on CBeebies presenters just to get you through the day. You know if you were married to them they would get up with the baby. Unlike your f*cking husband.

I. Just. Want. My. BED


Our House Makeover...Starting With The Sofa

For those who follow me on social media you will know recently I had to say goodbye to my maroon sofa. The sofa that I sat on to feed a teeny tiny baby boy and the sofa that matched my dressing gown. It was a sad time but it did mean that I got to get a whole BRAND NEW SOFA! And there is no greater day when you're an adult than the arrival of a brand new sofa. That bit where you worry it won't fit in the room, the excitement when you pull the plastic off. THE SMELL! Towards the end of last year I worked with Sofology who gifted me our brand new sofa baby and I'm pleased to finally show her off to the world...

Sofology Review

Sofology Review


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Stupid Shouty Mum

I am generally stupid shouty Mum during the week. Mornings before school I am screaming about shoes and ties. There is a lot of "JUST GET YOUR COAT ON!" and then me moaning about toothpaste on tops and forgotten homework. We rush, I drop them off and then return home to a house full of silence. I had to run some errands today and walked past a park I used to frequent loads when my babies were little. I got in my car and had a cry. The fresh spring air reminded me of days that weren't rushed, where I didn't have to remember gym kits and just enjoyed pushing tiny bottoms in swings whilst my babies screamed with glee.

By the time my children get in from school they are grumpy. They are tired. And they are starving. After the tussle to get their coats off and ram snacks down their faces we have a whole variety of boring tasks to do. Homework projects about The Titanic, violin practice, phonics, reading about stupid Biff, Chip and Knobber. It's relentless. The week is now five days we have to survive to get through to the weekend. It sucks. It revolves around Brownies, SATS and rush, rush, rush.


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dear Mum In The Striped Pyjamas...

Dear Mum in the Striped Pyjamas...

Congratulations! This weekend you get to celebrate your very first Mother's Day! I bet you are basking in the glow of your little one. Feeling relaxed, refreshed and generally being treated like the Queen you are. No? Oh I forgot your child is younger than one. More than likely you are knackered, in your pyjamas again and wondering when it all gets a little bit, well more rewarding?

I am here as the voice of reason and the voice of hope to tell you? It does. At the moment you may be in charge of a new born. Not knowing your arse from your elbow, consumed with a sort of tiredness you never ever knew was possible. Your day is a routine of sterilising and washing. Oh and a bit more washing. Or? You may be trying to wean your little one. Cursing Annabel Karmel and wondering how the hell you get your small child to eat a whole piece of mango. Or you could be at the nine month stage and work is on the horizon. Your stomach is a knot of guilt and each moment is more bitter sweet than the last.

Mother's Day
She's asleep! This is a breeze!!! (sound of sh*t hitting a fan)


Thursday, 8 March 2018

9 Alternative Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love Mother's Day. It's the one day of the year I feel it is my right to be treated like a Princess. And whilst I adore a bunch of soggy daffs and a handmade card from my kid's school. I also want my husband to buy me a few extra cheeky treats to show that he thinks I am doing a good job. Motherhood is hard. There is no performance management. So I want him to get me something I love in lieu of a pay rise. To help your other halves with some great Mother's Day ideas, I went round the Bullring & Grand Central shops and picked out a few bits and pieces that are guaranteed to raise a smile on Sunday morning.


Grand Central

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