Monday, 2 March 2015

A Picture Perfect Mothers Day Competition!

It's nearly Mother's Day! And you know what that means! PRESENTS! Presents to tell me what an ace Mum I am and yeah yeah I love a home made card but what I also love is a nice beautifully wrapped gift. A thoughtful one at that. One that shows my other half thinks I am the best Mum ever! And of course it means I get to spoil my Mum. Which is always lovely. Obvs.

A fab pressie for the lovely lady in your life is the chance to choose a photo and turn it into a beaut customised canvas from Custom Canvas. We already have one in our living room we brought a couple of years ago but post Bluestone and Disneyland Paris there are a couple of shots I definitely would love to see hanging up in my house.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

When Brummy Met Bloom

Prior to having children you are vaguely aware of CBeebies on the periphery. You've heard it mentioned but have paid no attention to it at all. And then? Roughly four months after your first child is born. It's ingrained into your everyday life. You know the songs. You have brought at least five pieces of merchandise and your drawers are stuffed with 15 free Mr Tumble phones off various overpriced magazines.

And being a Mum. And being bored sh*tless from the repetition of the programmes (did you know the afternoon shows are EXACTLY the same as the morning shows. A particularly bad case of croup in both children AT THE SAME TIME taught me this as I drowned in coughs, fruit shoots and wotsits, weeping (me) at Rhyme Rocket). You start to well. Find someone, anyone, to fancy.

A Sleigh Ride with Sven

At Christmas we got the chance to visit the amazing Blithbury Reindeer Lodge in Rugeley. I can honestly say it was one of our favourite Christmas trips, with even the ever so fussy (i.e grumpy) husband loving it. When we were invited back this weekend to review their 'Frozen' event? We even postponed date afternoon so we could go! That's commitment people.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

First World (Book Day) Problems

Sh*t. It's that time of year again. That time of year where it is clear to all of the world (OK so a few Mums and Dads in my daughter's pre-school and friends on Facebook) that I am crap at crafts. CRAP. World Book Day divides a nation. There are some Mothers who rub their hands in glee, thrilled at the prospect of getting their creative juices flowing, making Pinterest boards and producing the most amazing and obscure fancy dress outfit for their child ever. And how I seethe with jealousy you lucky and creative ladies.

And then? There's me. Who does indeed scour Pinterest for 'Easy Fancy Dress Outfits for Children' but ultimately gets distracted by a board entitled 'Channing Tantum Topless'. I just can't do it. There are no excuses. It's not because I work, or I have two small children so I have no time. Believe you me I could have a full week off alone to tackle it. And it would still be dreadful.

Friends giving me advice may go down the route of "look, it doesn't really matter what it looks like your daughter will love the fact you tried". B*llocks. She would be fuming if she went in, in a half arsed Grufflo, where the tail fell off in the playground.

Weekly Wonders: The Entertainment Edition

Sometimes when you have 12 hours a day to entertain your little ones, realistically? There is only so much playing and soft play and crafts and just random 'stuff' you can do with them. Sometimes? You want a quick cup of tea and a little rest so you resort to the babysitter known as 'the television' or 'the CD player'. This week we got a couple of things sent to us in the post to review that have given me a few minutes peace. Which meant that the kids were happy and I was happy. Aces.