Friday, 17 November 2017

I Often Watch You Whilst You Sleep

I often watch you 
Whilst you sleep
I quietly open the door
 And in I creep

I stand quite still 
And stop and stare
Too scared to breathe 
In case you know I'm there

You're so cross at the moment 
And it's hard to see
And say you "hate" me

You row with your sister
And call her names
You start off playing nicely


Helping My Boy Stop Being Hangry

If any of you follow me on social media you will know that since my youngest started school he has become quite 'interesting' when he gets home. I think we all know by 'interesting' I mean; tired, cross, shouty and most of all? Really, REALLY hangry. I mean he cannot stop eating. I am finding it really hard to keep on top of all the food he wansts to eat. There are only so many snacks in the world a small human can eat. So when Whitworths got in touch and asked us to try their Bright Little Nuts I thought this could be the healthy answer to my hangry boy nightmares.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

11 Signs You Are Already Thinking About The 'C Word'

1. You suddenly acquire a whole host of catalogues in your house. Which are read more than any book your kids own. They get ripped up, fought over, stuck on to various bits of tatty paper. You roll your eyes over each and every "can we have this Mummy?". Mentally totalling a grand each of gifts they "NEEEEEDDDDD".

2. You start to dread the ads in between kids TV programmes. Each one bringing something more ridiculous that your child HAS to have. F*CK YOU FINGLINGS!

3. You become obsessed with getting a bargain. Any 342 you're there. Any 'get £10 off when you spend four bazillion pounds offer' makes you squeal with joy. You aim to save so much money this year. THIS WILL BE YOUR YEAR! It will basically be a free Christmas. Ahem.

Christmas 2017
FU Fingerling...FU...


Thursday, 9 November 2017

6 Easy Ways To Help Your Child Survive A Dreaded Cold!

Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaa...or more than likely tis the season to be snotty. Really, really snotty. One of the most shocking things about being a Mum is how many colds our little ones pick up. With my youngest starting school he will most definitely bring in a whole host of new bugs and germs into our household. But after nearly seven years of being a parent? I know how to handle the situation. So with the help of family favourite decongestant Olbas Oil and their expert Dr Henderson, here are the ways I help my two little ones aged 4 and 6 get over a cold.

Keep Your Child's Room Warm, But Well Ventilated
When the kids have a cold often in the morning the room can seem stuffy. So I really like to crack open a window and let in a bit of fresh air. It's also really important if they are suffering from a temperature to ensure that the room is cool and that they are not overheating. For babies it is a good idea to invest in a gro egg which helps you to easily see how hot the room is.

Manage The Fever
As well as making sure that the room where your child is resting in isn't too hot. It is always a good idea to have them in cotton pyjamas and clothes. It's tempting to wrap them up when they are cold but some nice lightweight clothes should hopefully keep them cool and help with their temperature. If you are really worried it is a good idea to give the doctor a call.


Monday, 6 November 2017

The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide To Feeling Lonely

When I had my first baby I was really lucky. I had a few close friends off at the same time. It was easy to meet up, go for walks, moan a lot about how tired we were or how much my husband was annoying me. I remember my first maternity leave with such fondness. I was exhausted but enjoyed every minute of it. So I presumed when I had my second child it would be similar. Except it wasn't. I was f*cking lonely. And those feelings of loneliness only got worse when my eldest went to pre-school and I was left with a baby. Having to stick to the confines of drop off and pick up times.

It's a bit embarrassing to admit you're lonely isn't it? As you are not actually alone. You are with a beautiful tiny person day in day out. Surely that's enough? Surely that's all the stimulation we need? I am here to say that whilst my babies were my world they also shut off my world. I adored sniffing them, cuddling them, playing with them. But I loathed Peppa on the TV and those times where I would roam the streets with a small person asleep and me looking for someone to talk to.

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