Sunday, 10 December 2017

Snow Day...A Mothers Failings

You may be a fan of 'the snow'. You may love snow so hard that you actively go on holiday to places where there is snow all the time. Your dream is to take your whole family ski-ing and can't think of anything better than snowboarding down the alps. Do they do snowboarding on the alps? I wouldn't know as I AM CRAP IN SNOW. Sure I start out all enthusiastic but by midday I am crippled, along with the rest of the UK it seems, by the prettiest of all the weathers. Every snow day is also a Groundhog Day in this household. Is yours similar?..

7am (ok more like 6am sods): You awake and it has snowed and I along with the rest of Birmingham turn rabid. As if we have never seen snow before. As if we are from a country where snow has never ever fallen. Not from one where it happens more often than is called for.

7:01am: I scream at the children "SNOW!" We rush to the backdoor and Instagram the snow, then I Facebook the Instagrammed picture (cross that it never looks as good on the camera), then I tweet one word "SNOW!" and then I phone my Mum up and say "Have you seen it's snowing?" and we chat about...snow.



Saturday, 9 December 2017

You Just Keep Growing Up...

To my beautiful girl

This week you turn 7? SEVEN! How the heck did that happen? It doesn't seem two minutes since I watched you sleep next to me. Your rose bud lips pouting and hair all stuck to your sweaty baby forehead. I am sure it was only last week that you learnt to walk or said "Mama" as you first word. Since then there have been first days at school, learning to read and writing me endless love notes. Which I'm thankful to say you still do on daily basis. You are seven. Half way to 14 which I understand to be the most tricky of ages for a teenage girl.

I was worried when you turned six that things would change. That you would no longer be my little girl. In some ways I was right. Days are no longer spent watching CBeebies and you turn your nose up at Peppa Pig (even though I catch you sometimes engrossed whilst your little brother watches it). You prefer to watch tweens talking about American Girl dolls on YouTube. And can often be found showing me videos you have made where you do a 'bedroom tour' on your tablet in an odd hybrid Brummie/LA accent.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Mum That Doesn't Bake

Every year I buy my children's birthday cake. My really good friend Mr Asda bakes them whatever the hell they want! We have had Disney Princess cakes, Spiderman cakes and today I picked up a particularly nice unicorn affair. And every single year, without fail, as I take it to the till I think "F*ck. I really should be baking this shouldn't I?". EVERY year. Twice a year, oh and the bake sales at school and at Rainbows. Let's not forget them. It's only for a moment, then I get my act together and carry on with my day. But there is something deep in me that thinks "good Mums bake cakes".

A lot of my friends on social media do bake. I see instagrams of them lovingly making some rainbow cake. Or you know those dead fancy ones where you cut into it and sweets pour out like something from Willy Wonka's. I read the odd tweet stating "Up at 11pm and still making my sons Paw Patrol cake" and I think "oh that's love that is, that's real commitment". I am yet to tweet "Went to Asda at 9:15am and left at 9:20am with a Shopkins cake". It doesn't really have the same effect does it? Doesn't really show love. Shows a bit of a 'must try harder' element to parenting.


What To Pack When Flying With Kids!

This year we have been really lucky to fly with the children twice. Long haul to Florida and short haul to Paris. We generally go abroad once a year so I have got quite used to packing all the bits and bobs needed to keep small humans entertained. It can be quite daunting flying with little ones. You can panic thinking of the lack of space and dread the fact that they may cry for 10 hours straight. So knowing I braved flying with my family, Villa Plus got in touch and asked me to divulge what we pack in our in flight bags (OK what I pack, let's be honest my other half NEVER packs) when we fly off to sunnier climes...

Generally on a flight you are allowed four pieces of hand luggage. I always ensure that we use up that allocation and that my children, four and six, have a bag each of their own. We have got two small back packs which are matching but have a keyring on to tell them apart. My husband and I have carry on cases. There will generally be one crammed with the stuff we couldn't fit in the cases and the other will have necessities to fly with.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

KIDZ BOP Competition!

If your kids are anything like my two they love YouTube. Mine can often be found watching people open Kinder Eggs, grown ups dressed as Elsa chatting about random things and dancing in their bedroom to whatever group they stumble upon on the YouTube Kids app. My daughter's choice of YouTube star at the moment is the band KIDZ BOP. When we recently went to the Harrods Toy Parade she actually got to speak to one of them and she turned bright red. It was adorable. And very me circa 1988 with Matt Goss. So in honour of all the little boys and girls who love YouTube here is a competition to win one of five KIDZ BOP albums that would make a great stocking filler this Christmas.

One day we are going to be a girl band...she just doesn't know it yet...

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