Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Little Summer Kids Primark Haul

I have a YouTube channel and I often ask people what they want to see. And pretty much every single time? I have comments saying 'A PRIMARK HAUL!'. People love Primark. Including me. Whilst I mainly get accessories and pyjamas for myself, for my kiddos I get them loads and loads of different outfits. Not only are they bang on trend but also they are cheap so it doesn't matter if they get ruined running around in the garden or when someone inevitably drops an orange juice down the front of them. So when The Fort Shopping Centre, Castle Bromwich, said I could pop over to their giant Primark and pick them some new summer clothes? I jumped at the chance.

For my boy I decided to get him loads of t-shirts. We are off on holiday for nine days soon so I need to make sure that I take a good supply of them as he gets filthy. Because he's 3 and that's just what 3 year olds do. I am slightly obsessed with stripes. I myself own about ten striped tops. When I see them it makes my eyes really happy. So I chose some basic blue short sleeved ones and also a beaut coral one that I kinda wanted for myself.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

10 Signs You Are A Beach Ready Mum!

1) Your children have dead snazzy swimming cossies. They prance around in proper branded crocs and you carry a bag ready for every beach and pool eventuality. Might be a fun Frozen inflatable ready to blow up for entertainment or a pack of three balls you got from poundland to kick around the beach. You have factor 50 suntan lotion ready to go and some cute shabby chic beach clothes for your kids to wear to look fab in instagrams.

2) You however have a Matalan swimming costume that is three years old that is a little bit see through around the bum area.

3) You hastily picked up some Primark flip flops that have a few jewels on so you don't feel a total tramp.


Friday, 22 July 2016

The Magical Power Of Not Giving A Sh*t

Motherhood gives you a lot of things. Like suffering from exhaustion, never ending guilt and the ability to have your heart broken in ways you couldn't think possible. But it also gives you amazing things like the ability to truly understand the meaning of of unconditional love and something that I am forever grateful for. The glorious and magical power of not giving a sh*t. You whole world tilts. Your whole mindset changes and the priorities that once were, are no longer there with such force. You get perspective and it's wonderful.

I went out last night. Like out out. It's a rare treat but it's also the time where I feel the force of not giving a sh*t the most. There is nothing more amusing, more care free and more fun than a mother let loose for the evening. What once was a twice weekly occurrence becomes an experience only to be tasted every few months. Or even in my case only once or twice a year. You end up trying to fit in 52 nights out in one night. Every single second you are looking for your next bit of fun and it's glorious.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Making Summer Clothes Shopping With Kids... Bearable.

Shopping with two small children is hard work. Shopping with two small children, on a hot Saturday, for summer clothes? Nigh on impossible. But when we were invited along to try out Birmingham Debenhams free personal shopper service and look at their lovely summer kidswear range. I thought "what's the worst that could happen?". I even managed to persuade my husband to come with me. Which pretty much NEVER happens. Miserable sod.

When we arrived at the store we went up to the second floor and was greeted by the friendliest personal shopper ever. She had such a lovely way with both of the kids and asked them what kind of clothes they liked. Of course my girl stated "pink, flowers, diamonds". Whilst my boy just said "superheroes". I knew that I had to make sure I kept an eye on what they picked out for fear of some HUGE fashion faux pas.

Wicked Wednesdays 20th July

Hello! And welcome to this weeks Wicked Wednesdays. OH MY GOD WHY IS IT SO HOT. Yeah yeah I moan when it is rainy. I moan when it is hot. There is no weather to suit me. Scrap that I like Autumn. A bit. I am in the full swing of the summer holidays here and am aware some of you will break up in the next few days. Wishing you all the luck! And make sure you are stocked up on gin. Lots of gin.

Thanks so much to everyone that linked up last week and a few of my favourites were the best sulky face ever from Glossy Tots, the relentless joy of pulling out baby wipes from Emily and Indiana and the most joyous family photo from Just Juggling. Cracking shots! Now make sure you link up, comment loads and watch the comments return. During the summer months blogging can be a bit quiet so linkys are an ideal way to keep it all ticking over. Enjoy your week!

PS! People of the Midlands! There is a Wicked Wednesdays competition over on my Facebook Page today to win a meet and greet with the future Mr brummymummyof2...MR ACTUAL BLOOM! Pop over and leave a photo in the comments for a chance to win!

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

15 Signs You Are A Parent In the Midst Of A HEATWAVE

1) You first hear of the hot weather when you check your weather app whilst you are watching CBeebies at 6:01am. You then tell everyone you come into contact with throughout the day, ranging from your husband to the lady that calls up about PPI, that we are "GOING TO HAVE A HEATWAVE".

2) You do approximately seven loads of washing to make sure your washing line is full to the brim at any one point.

3) You dig out an old tatty Primark beach dress, last seen worn in Lanzarote, and parade around in your garden in it at 8am. Hanging your washing up with no bra underneath it. The neighbours won't mind as "WE ARE HAVING A HEATWAVE".

4) You start to get the urge to drink Pimms around 11am. You last out till 1pm. Drinking in the garden does not count. It's like the 15 Fab ice lollies you consumed. No calories when the sun is out! You will sweat them all out of your system. Right?

5) You send your other half out for "emergency heatwave supplies" like a giant fan from Asda and garden recliners from Argos. He texts he's going to be a while "as the queues are f*cking massive". Everyone else? Has had the same idea.

No bra on, on my 589th ice lolly and about to hang out MORE washing

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Dear Miss...A Little Thank You

Dear Miss

This is a letter to say thank-you. I couldn't say it when my beautiful girl left your reception class door this afternoon as I was crying. Not because I am sad. The opposite. Because I am happy. I am overjoyed that she left crying saying that she would rather be in school for the summer. She wept all the way home that she would miss her friends and her Year 6 buddy that she will never see again. You made her very first year in education one of the favourite of her short life.

You patiently helped her to read. Supported her when she wrote. And never minded when she got her 2s and 5s mixed up. All the time. You played games with her. You liaised with your learning support assistant so beautifully that you were a seamless team that helped my girl grow into the amazing five year old she has become. This year she has been excited to go on trips, over the moon when I came in to be the secret reader and whilst the never ending fancy dress days sometimes drove me mad? She loved each and every one of them.

This Italy Project nearly killed me