Monday, 30 May 2016

I Need A Little Time

Us Mum's always moan about having 'me time'. Mainly because we never ever get it. When we do it is always to do something fun like putting the washing away or popping out to the supermarket. Inevitably nights planned out are cancelled due to small children getting chicken pox and we end up grumpy and cross with our other halves for no reason. So this week? I made sure I took a little time out for me and went and got my hair cut at The Andrea Beers Hair Salon, Barnt Green.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Our Top 5 UK School Holiday Attractions

Me and my family love the adventure and excitement of going to theme parks. It's one of our favourite things to do. Sometimes I wonder if I actually love it a little bit more than the kids? I love the smell of the hotdogs, the over dramatic theme park music and I even enjoy forking out a small fortune for merchandise. So if you are thinking of taking your family for a treat this summer holiday below you will find our opinions on some of the UK's best attractions.

Chessington World of Adventures
We recently spent an amazing weekend at Chessington World of Adventures and booked into the hotel on site. It has everything there from animals, to rides, to getting up close to the characters of Madagascar. Here are my top ten things to do there. If you are going in peak season it may be an idea to invest in a tots fast past. It's quite cheap and cuts down queue time by quite a lot.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

21 Ways To Use Baby Wipes!

1) Cleaning tiny babies bottoms.

2) Cleaning sick from tiny babies mouths.

3) Cleaning sick from tiny babies mouths that has landed on your leggings.

4) Cleaning potty training poo from toddlers hands.

5) Cleaning potty training poo from toddlers hands that has landed on your leggings.

I heart baby wipes!

5 Ways To Make Your Child Smile

One of the biggest milestones when you become a Mum is seeing your child smile for the first time. It knocks you off your feet. It then becomes your main aim in life to make your little one smile as much as humanly possible. It can make a bad day seem glorious, any worries melt away and have you think "I am doing a great job". Wrigley® recently undertook some research as part of their Extra Smile Back Project to find out what exactly makes children today grin from ear to ear and the results were quite surprising.

The Great Outdoors
Topping the chart of things to do was playing outside. There is nothing my two love more than running around the garden or going to the local park with their Dad for an adventure. Some of our favourite memories have been days spent on the beach and it's great that despite all the modern technology kids still love fresh air and stained grass knees.

Wicked Wednesdays 25th May

Hello and welcome to this weeks Wicked Wednesdays! I hope you have had a lovely 7 days and if any of you went to Tots100 I hope you really enjoyed it. I had a great time despite feeling a bit hot and bothered and pulling up my tights every five minutes. Next week I am going to Lanzerotre. I AM RABID! So here is the deal. I will still run Wicked Wednesdays so you can all link up here and comment on each others but I am afraid I won't be able to comment back. Well I could but my husband may most probably leave me.

Normal service will resume the week after half term! My favourites this week were a bog standard sick patch from View From a Daddy, a hardcore faceplant from So This Is Me Mrs T and a drawer to Teletubbie Land from Bringing Up Georgia.  Thanks so much for linking up! So now go and link up, comment lots and expect comments back in return! Don't forget to tweet me if you would like me to retweet your funny shot. And pop over to my Facebook page if you're interested in seeing loads more. Have a great week!

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Their Childhood Home

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with home interiors magazines. I spend hours perusing beautiful kitchens with those island things, or living rooms with chevron wallpaper and fancy cushions. Wishing I had the time and the crafty nature to make my house super beautiful. Sometimes with small children your home can feel a tiny bit like a prison. I recall lonely hours watching YouTube alone whilst they napped. Or that horrific month both of them had chicken pox and we were stuck in all day watching CBeebies. Them irritable and me slowly losing my mind.

Your house can feel like a never ending chore machine. You get to the bottom of the washing basket only to find that it has been automically filled (more than likely with your husband's giant pants and work clothes) within 15 minutes. The dryer is always on. There are piles of crap everywhere and you can despair. If you are instagramming your tea you pick the one part of the kitchen table that isn't smeared in yoghurt and raisins.

Do you remember when Mum used to cover the floor in blankets and give us fruit pastilles?
(And said "don't tell your Dad")

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide To 'Juggling'

Disclaimer: this post is nothing to do with circus skills. It's nothing to do with trying to throw three balls in a decorative pattern all at one time. It's about something much harder. The never ending round of 'things' you have to keep up in the air when you become a parent. Pre-children life is relatively simple. You have to think about your job, try to work on your friendships and make sure you and your other half get on OK. Family needs to be considered and then you give the vacuum a quick run round. It's easy to manage. You are free to come and go as you please and can focus completely.

Then you add a small person to the mix and everything changes. Including your priorities. Suddenly things like seeing your friends become impossible, cleaning is never ending and chats with your husband usually take place over angry texts. Your job you once loved is an interruption in your day. After the joy of maternity leave it is just something you get through to get home and snuggle your baby. You're juggling a million and one things and not feeling that you are doing any of them particularly well

I am taking a selfie to prove I got two humans dressed and out of the house at 830am!
(OK so one looks mad but it's a start!)