Thursday, 26 March 2015

Stranger Danger?

I am forever telling my little girl to make sure if anyone talks to her she doesn't know, she needs to running away screaming (always one for the dramatics me). Several times I have had to report incidents at school where pupils have disclosed some rather unsavoury goings on with people on the internet. Let's just say if someone says she is a 14 year old girl? She could well be a fully grown man from Africa with his privates out. But today something about 'Stranger Danger' made me really sad. 

I had taken my little boy to The Bull Ring for a treat as it was pay day (bear with). I popped into the Disney shop and saw that there were some Planes on sale for a fiver so brought them for him. And in a fit of extreme generosity took them out of the packet right there and then and let him play with them in his buggy (#bestmumever). The shopping centre was quiet and I strolled down to Selfridges. Whilst I was walking an elderly man in a wheelchair stopped, smiled at my little boy in the pushchair and simply asked him if he was "going to fly?". That was it. My boy made some random plane noises, I smiled and went to walk away. But then. 

If you are old like me? You will remember Charlie saying keep away from odd people

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide to Competitive Parents

Right. Before you read this. We all have to agree on one thing. In our own way we are all a bit competitive when it comes to our little ones. It maybe we raise an eyebrow when someone talks about something their kids can or can't do. Or we have a full on psychotic breakdown and tell everyone, including the bin man, when our daughter gets to have a solo in the nativity play. You weep whilst watching and whoop really loudly at the end looking smugly at other parents (ahem that may have been me). We are only human. We love our children and want the best for them. But as with everything in life. You always get one (d*ck) who takes it that bit...too...far.

We are now immersed in world of Pinterest and Insta-sham and feel pressures that our parents never felt. Sure I bet they worried if their party bags had enough bits of tat in but not to the same extent. In my day the height of sophistication for a kids party was McDonalds where you had a tour of the kitchen (health and safety anyone?) and they pretended to lock you in a fridge. Then? You had made it. But since the arrival of social media we are bombarded with images of beautiful homes and amazing parenting, ranging from OTT parties to fantastic cake making skills. But it is nigh on impossible to achieve this 'perfect parenting' across the board. No one can be amazing all the time. Bar Beyonce and bet even she's sh*t sometimes. 


Wicked Wednesdays 25th March

Well hey there! Welcome to this weeks #wickedwednesdays! Hope you all had a lovely week. We seemed to have left the house of pure illness and entered a super spring one. I'm typing this in an over priced soft play whilst my girl runs around in a floral crown as if she is at Glastonbury. Is it too early to drink Pimms? (We ALL know the answer is no!).

Another great turn out last week. For those new to linkys to get the best chance of getting lots of comments link up early and comment on as many as you can! My favourites this week were a lovely bit of make up with Mummy from Domesstique, a quite frankly horrific doll from All About A Mummy and a bab in box from Twinderelmo. You all know the rules by now so link up, comment lots and get your butts out in the sun!
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Baby Show Tickets Up For Grabs!

Hooray! You're preggers! Or you may just have had a baby and you're in the market to buy loads and loads of lovely things! Sigh. I proper miss that about being up the duff. The joy of entering a world which contains loads of things you never knew existed. But you HAVE to have it all otherwise you won't be able to function properly as a parent (with hindsight you won't need half of it but you will ruddy enjoy the process of choosing it!)

A fab place to go and investigate all these lovely new products is 'The Baby Show' taking place at the NEC from the 15th-17th May. With loads on offer from buggys to seeing THE Annabel Karmel (if you don't know her now, by the time you're weaning? You will rue the day you heard her name) purée like a good un. There are over 200 brands exhibiting from Mothercare to Mamas and Papas but also including some not on the high street exclusive ones. To find out more about 'The Baby Show' visit their site here. Read more to enter a competition to win two tickets...

Monday, 23 March 2015

Tiptoe Through the Daffodils

Isn't it amazing what a bit of sun can do? How the very sight of it can make us British people rush outdoors, ditch the coats and consider wearing flip flops. Despite is still being ruddy freezing. At the weekend we all left our germ ridden rotten beds to get a bit of fresh air at Hatton Country World. A fab place we love that I have written about a few times. Hell my girl even features as 'December' in this years calendar. True story!

When we arrived it became apparent (due to people lugging around armfuls of flowers) that there was a daffodil field there and you could pick bunches and take them home. And there's another thing British people love? Free stuff. Here's some photos from the day. I am happy to confirm that compared to the lavender fields I dragged the other half to last year. Daffodil fields appear to be wasp and stroppy toddler free! Result. Happy days.