Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dating. The 90's Way.

I have once again inexplicably found myself drawn to watching Love Island on ITV2. In between trying to translate what "pied" and "mugged off" means I am also baffled by the men's shortest of shorts and the girls pointed nail extensions which require no place around a swimming pool and one wonders how they wipe their bleached bum holes?

But mainly what I am thinking is? Jeez dating in the 90's was SO MUCH EASIER. Without the creation of social media, hell we didn't even have a mobile phone, life was simpler. Rejection was private. And the only mugging off was a nice cup of tea awkwardly with your current boyfs parents whilst you waited for them to get ready to go out (putting on clean jeans, not painting on their huge eyebrows). 

Asking Someone Out
We. Had to. Gasp. Speak to each other! It may be over a drunken £1 a shot night out at uni or at a house party. I also remember writing a little note that was sent with another lad to my hearts desire with my phone number on. My home phone number. Which could have resulted in the terrifying...

Our life line to love...but only after 6pm

Let's Talk About Cash Baby

It became very clear when I was at University that I? Was a bit of a liability around money. I enjoyed one or two (OK seven) credit cards at a rating of 1000% a month interest. I never quite got my head around the fact that buying a nice handbag for £50 and paying it off over three years is a bit counter productive. I got myself in a bit of a pickle and it is something I would never want my two kiddos to get into. I wasted a lot of money and brought a lot of (now out of fashion) handbags. So here are a few tips for making the most of your money that I will pass on to my pair:

Save Then Splurge
There is nothing more satisfying than saving for something and going out to the shops and buying it. It is the dream. As soon as my two were born I opened accounts for them where little bits of money here and there has been going in. I will encourage them to open a current account like this one from TSB and then save in another each month to buy the things they really want.

Mmmmmm. Bags...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wicked Wednesdays 1st July

HOORAY!! It's the summer! AT LAST IT IS SO HOT WHY IS IT SO HOT MAKE IT STOP BEING HOT. Good god. I am not one for the heat however? The kiddos are loving life. Chomping on ice creams and living the dream. My girl is off to her school induction today and life is travelling way to fast and is making me a bit weepy.

Another lovely lot of linkerupers last week but I do encourage you all to comment lots. It would be lovely to comment on this post and share some love around. It tends to be the more you comment? The more you get in return! My favourites from last week were the oddest of bottle drinking positions from Becoming A Stay At Home Mum, and extremely angry tot from My Noah and Me and a double tantrum from The Joy Of Five. Enjoy your week! Try not to get too burnt!

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Like any British person. Weather features heavily in my day to day conversation. And any weather that sways from our usual 'dull and a bit cold' freaks me out. Snow makes me never want to leave the house for fear of sliding in slush and I always get caught out during a torrential rain storm on the school run. But currently we are experiencing something we are not used to in the UK. A HEATWAVE! A style of weather that newspapers devote whole front pages to it. And if my husband tells me one more time "tomorrow is going to be the hottest day we have ever had in the world ever!" I am going to shove his iPhone and weather app up his arse. 

The phone says it's going to be hot look, look, LOOK!

My Water Babies

There are many, many reasons why the summer is far better than any of the other seasons. Sure you have the joy of Christmas with presents and also the excitement of running through Autumn leaves. But the summer? Means your little ones can be out all day everyday without that 'help we have been cooped all day and now we hate each other' rainy day doom.

As well as picnics, sandpits and Pimms (for me, not the kids obviously) there is also the joy of wet play. The dream of legally being able to get each other soaked and not getting told off like that time you did it in the bathroom with the sink taps. And also? Dad's come alive at summer. Dad's love water fights and love getting their hair wet. And probably sometimes being a bit too competitive with their water fun!