Thursday, 26 November 2015

I Am Mother. Hear Me Roar (Or Some Other Cheesy B*llocks)

I am sh*t scared of loads and loads of things. I hate wasps. To the point where when I see want I want to run and scream. I was always the girl that when we went on school trips that would stand by the bags whilst people when flying around on rollercoasters. I also have a huge and terrifying fear of the dentists. I lose sleep when I have to go and prior to becoming a mother any work I had to have done, no matter how small, had to take place under sedation. Yep. That's how scared I was. Bet they called me 'crazy weepy sedation lady'.

But then I had kids. And I didn't want my kids to be scared. I didn't want them to run away from bugs, or have restless nights over having their teeth checked. I wanted them to feel the joy of queuing up for roller coasters with their mates. So? I grew some balls. I decided to try and 'man up'. Or rather 'woman up'. I put my fears in a box and hid them away. I want them to always feel safe in my company. I want them to grasp life and tackle everything head on.

Ready to go on the waltzers. Trying not to vomit

Dreambaby Bath and Bed Competition!

My husband is in charge of bedtimes. He always has been. As I look after my two most of the day he loves coming home to take care of them for that final little hour. And so do I as let's be honest? That final little hour? THEY CAN BE INSANE! So he was chuffed when I was approached by Dreambaby® with a couple of their products which could make it easier for my husband and easier for you in this fab competition!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Our Festive Adventures: Part Two

Here is part two of the brummymummyof2 family festive adventures! We have a lot going on over the Christmas period. Why not go and see what happened when we visited Blithbury and Harry Potter World last week. Then read below what took place his week when we popped into House of Fraser to see the big man himself and my husband took the kiddos to a Brewers Fayre have a very special breakfast with him...

Wicked Wednesdays 25th November

Hello and welcome to this weeks Wicked Wednesdays! I hope you have all had a lovely week. It was so fantastic to bump into some of you at Mumsnet Blogfest (even if I did come out with weird comments about people's hair...blame my nerves). I just wanted to say a little "Thanks!" to any of you that may have voted for me. I was so excited to win. My friends? Said they were more relieved as they couldn't bear me moaning about losing again.

It was a great link up last week with some amazing shots. A few of my favourites were a sneezing baby from Dais Like These, moisturising arms with paint from Sleeping Through Yet and getting a snack from Inside Martyns Thoughts. Thanks for linking up lovelies! So now go and link up, comment lots and wait for the comments in return! Have an amazing week and I shall see you same time, same place next week!

Linky Rules

Monday, 23 November 2015

How To Embrace Being You Is Good Enough. A Little Thank You

I am sure you can gather by now? I'm not cool. Nope. There is not one inch of me that is cool. It's something that makes me pretty annoyed and a bit sad. I long to pop on skinny jeans and a T shirt and look chic rather than a tubby hobo. I have beautiful friends with beautiful fringes. Fringes on me? Look like my Mum has shoved a bowl on my head and just randomly hacked at it. My accent? Also not cool. Every year they do surveys. Every year 'Brummie' is nominated as they worst accent in the world ever. Bab.

I am ashamed to say over the past decade or so I have spent quite a few nights having a little cry about why I am not cool. Totally beating myself up over things I've said, items I've fallen over, that time my skirt fell down in a whole school assembly (sadly a true story). I talk. A lot. I can't stop. I've been known to sing in the streets, dance showing off my pop socks and offend people with my comments without noticing.

Christmas Gift Guide: Blogger Stocking Fillers

So we've have tackled some family members and now it's time to think about what bloggers would like for the big day. All of these products are under the £20 mark so would be perfect for a blogger chum or to have as a stocking filler if your other half is the one in the family glued to their laptop and social media (hangs head in shame)...

Friday, 20 November 2015

6 Repulsive Things We Do For Love

Before you had kids you would heave when you had to tidy the cat litter tray, or pick up your puppies poo. Any tiny stain on the couch would be cleaned within an inch of it's life. And bodily fluids? Were NOT allowed on clothes. These were the rules. Life was clean. Then a teeny tiny human comes along. And overwhelming love makes your standards drop. In fact? Standards fly out the window...taking your dignity with it.

So. Much. Sh*t
I've had friends who have gone to work with a bit of baby poo on their trousers. I've been out and noticed a bit under my nails. Yesterday? Before my girl asked me to wipe her bum I saw her admiring her own poo stained bum in the mirror. Did I vom and go "THAT'S DISGUSTING!". Nope I said "pass me a baby wipe bab".

Wee Stained House
Pretty much every piece of furniture, every rug, every carpet in every room. Has been weed on. Without exception. I used to reason that baby wee wasn't like real wee it was virtually like water. And when my son weed in my face (a daily occurrence for the first six months) it was innocent. Cute even! Then when the toddler potty training wee begins? And their wee smells like wee, looks like wee and is wee? I continued the mantra that it was just water. And brought LOTS of Fabreeze.