Thursday, 24 July 2014

toogiez and your child will stick together!

As it's summer, my girl and boy will be visiting their grandparents to stay for the odd night so me and the hub can have a bit of a break (hooray!). They like to take things with them that make them think of home and the new range of 'toogiez' cotton T Shirts are perfect for just that. The company, ran by two entrepreneur Mums, behind these clever tops are currently looking for pledges over on kickstarter

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wicked Wednesdays 23rd July

Hello and welcome babs! Welcome to my first linky. It's going to be a summer time thing but let's see how it goes eh? Maybe it can continue on and on. So what's it all about I hear you say? One of the reasons I started blogging was to stalk other people. See their amazing and utterly beautiful and aspirational lives. Gorgeous children, shabby chic abodes and fantastic meals. But. My life isn't really like that. My kids sometimes look insane, my house can be more shabby sh*it than chic and I can burn fish fingers. So behold #wickedwednesdays was created!

Each week I would like you to link up the most realistic or funny or just daft photo you took of every day family life. Could be your child weeping over a dropped ice cream. Or an hilarious family selfie where not one single one of you is looking at the camera or the huge pile of washing you are never going to get finished. Anything. In fact? The funnier the better! Something to make us all smile and we can be joined in the sometimes doomed 'magic' moments of being parents.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lazy Summer Mornings and Evenings. What a load of old b*llocks.

It's summer. Oh we have had some unreasonably warm weather. It's been amazing to sit in the garden with the other half, drink some of that new fancy Elderflower Pimms everyone has been going on about and just generally have a super time chit chatting about life. Oh hang on. Woah there. I forgot...


What the actual f*ck? Come back winter all has been forgiven! Come back jet black nights and mornings. Come back freezing cold weather, so no-one, especially not tiny children, want to leave their beds. This past muggy summer week has been awful and I feel that it is a sign of worse things to come. But you know what makes really struggling getting your tots to bed even better? Go on what do you think it is? Is it the leisurely lie ins eating croissants in bed watching Homes Under the Hammer the next day? No, because...


Please don't mention black out blinds, or gro clocks, or Gina Ford, or fans or cutesy summer pyjamas. We have all these covered. And still the loves of my life. My tiny little beauties are f*cking waking me up at 5am. Or sometimes? BEFORE! So here are the tired musings of a slightly unhinged woman about late nights and ridiculously early mornings:

I want to drink you so bad. You will have to wait. My children are running wild