Dear Poundland

Dear Poundland

How are you? How are you coping with the run up to Christmas? I hope that no youths are shoving baubles down their pants and that you are keeping up with the demand for 'Frozen' range. My daughter loved the Olaf bath jigsaw. But her brother chewed his nose off. But it's OK Poundland. As EVERYTHING IN YOUR SHOP IS A POUND! So I will go back and buy another one after pre-school later in the week.

This is just a thank you letter really. Over the past four years you have saved my skin and my sanity so many, many times. Before I had children, I'll be honest, I only popped in ever so often for cotton wool and I enjoyed your oversized comedy valentines wine glasses (still used, in fact even more so now as they are the size of a vase and mean I don't have to get up from the couch so often). But since my daughter was born? You have been my saviour.

I can confirm taking a selfie in Poundland makes you look insane

When I have walked in the cold damp weather to the park and I have forgotten the sippy cups and snacks? You have provided me with fruit shoots and yogurt raisins (yeah OK, OK and Smarties for bribes). When I have dropped my child off a pre-school and the thought I spending the WHOLE day with a rabid toddler boy makes me want to have a little weep? You have been there for me to mooch about and buy such joys as Hello Kitty bobbles and sticker books to cheer everyone up. When I have been so skint as my maternity pay has run out and I wanted to treat the family? You were there with open arms with massive bags of Haribo for the husband, little ballet skirts for my girl and tiny toy cars for the boy.

Sometimes, Poundland, I do wonder if I just saved the £20 I spent in your shop every time I go in (I refer back to the Frozen range of which I have now purchased many times over) if I could just go and buy things in other more expensive shops? But you have become home to me. I know that you open a little earlier than nine on my local high street and I think that's because you know I need you. A more cynical person may say you are preying on the knackered mother of two who is desperate for a new comedy phone cover. But I trust you Poundland.

I am sorry to say that occasionally, just occasionally Poundland I do pop into Poundworld or Home Bargains. I know this is not right but sometimes a girl needs to different plastic plate for their child, a Sophia one that you just can't provide. But I will always come back to you. Always.

So thank you Poundland*. In all seriousness. You have been my sometimes only 'day time friend' on this crazy journey called Motherhood.

Love Em x

PS your batteries are a bit crap though.

*In no way shape or form sponsored by Poundland. I just ruddy love it.
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