Since becoming a Mum I found that there is a lot of pressures put on us everyday as parents. Whether it be in the media where we see a stunning Beyonce with a perfectly behaved and stylish Blue Ivy. Or from the government where one day they say we MUST puree to the next when the say PUREEING IS THE DEVIL. The most amount of pressure I find though often comes from within. The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to be chirpy and happy at all times on just one hours sleep. Having crafts activities coming out of our arse, at the same whipping up a six tier Frozen birthday cake, whilst another tiny baby is wrapped round us in a papoose and we are being all romantic with the other half.

So little. So cute. This is going to be a breeze!

I found that we beat ourselves up constantly. We spend half of our time knackered and the other half? Worrying. And it's no ruddy good. Motherhood is 'supposed' to be amazing and rewarding but if we are panicking that we are doing it wrong 99% of the time? Well that's no way to spend our time is it? Especially when the other 1% is definitely watching ruddy Peppa Pig. So if you look on the sidebar you will see 'The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide To...'. It houses blog posts on various topics from C Sections, to PND, to Bottle Feeding, to well anything really that I feel we should lay off ourselves on.

My behaviour management working well.

Sometimes you may think I am talking utter rubbish and totally disagree with me. Other times you may like a little friendly Mother who has made numerous mistakes (lest we forget I had no clue babies needed to a) be fed in the night and b) be winded) offering a kind voice to say "we are all a bit crap sometimes but you know what? That's OK".

Teaching life skills.

But Super Nanny I am not. Gina Ford I ain't. And whilst we are at it neither if these women have children (?). Which probably means why they get to write fantastic advice. Imagine what we could do with all that good sleep and hot tea in us? I'm just muddling through the best I can. And ultimately I would like my two little tots to when they grow up, read about how I was a bit haphazard but loved them so very very much and tried my best for them. And when either of them is up at 2am, doing a feed, weeping, they can read it and go "It's OK my Mum was a bit rubbish too, and she is ACE".

Ah loving is shown through fighting.
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