Open when you think you hate me...

To my gorgeous gorgeous girl, 

There comes a time in every growing teens life when you decide you kinda hate your Mom. That we are uncool and that we generally cramp your style. We probably fight over boys you fancy or the time you spend on the phone, so I thought I would write you this letter now. And it is to be opened when you think you hate me. 

Now, you are three. If anyone asks who your best friend is you always reply "Mummy". If you had to choose between Smarties and me you would choose me (after a bit of deliberation mind). You are the apple of my eye and along with your little tiny brother (he is one as I type) you mean the world to me. 


We hang out all the time. I asked you today why you liked me and you said it was because I played with you and gave you cuddles and kisses. Now you are in your teens I imagine that you don't really want to hang out with me much and I bet you run a mile from my kisses. Especially ones I do in public. Which I will continue to do. Even if you squirm or your lanky spotty boyfriends laugh at me. 

I will kiss you to show the world I love you. To me you will always be the girl who is spirited, who spends hours choosing your bizarre mismatched outfit each day. And the happy summer you spent running around naked. Weeing all over the garden. Your obsession with princesses and the way you smelt when you woke from your nap.


Please try your very hardest not to hate me, try your very hardest to remember us snuggling with twinkle lights all around us watching your favourite films whilst eating popcorn on lazy afternoons whilst your brother napped. And our trips out to buy you a magazine or some new party shoes.

We may fight. But I will never hate you my love. You're my girl. My number one. I am your Mummy and even when you're cross with me I will always ALWAYS be your best friend.

Love Mummy xxx
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