The Story of a Parents Perfect Date Night...

We going on a date! An actual date! We planned it six weeks ago. The kids are staying at the rents house for the night. Sigh. 24 whole hours away from the children. I love them but I can't wait to spend some quality time with the hub.

It's been over eight months since we went out alone. Last time we were due to go the girl weirdly puked like about an hour before she was due to be picked up but miraculously perked up after it was too late to go away for the night. But this time? They have gone!  We waved them off, I was a bit sad to see them go but now I'm over it. 

I've brought a lovely new dress for tonight. We are going to an exclusive restaurant. We've been so excited it's all we can talk about. I'm planning on a starter (prawns), main (fish cakes) and dessert (defo caramel apple granny). The joy of not sharing all my food is overwhelming. Also I plan to have huge massive alcohol fuelled cocktails. In a big fancy glass with loads of straws and those things on cocktail sticks that I don't have to give to my children as toys. I'm going to get sooooo wrecked.

The taxi is coming in an hour. And to be honest. I'm a bit tired now. It's 8pm. We've usually had dinner at 5pm with the kids so I'm starving. Also there's not much point in drinking really. We've got to look after the children tomorrow. I think it's for the best if we just stay in. In fact that's an inspired idea! Get a take away from down the road, catch up on a bit of tele and have an early night. Even better now the girls room is free, the hub can sleep in there so I can't hear his snoring.

Brilliant. This is going to be the best date night ever! We really should do it more often.  

Bab? Cancel the taxi and make mine a prawn chow mein. 

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