How to get your child's birthday card on TV!

So I thought I would impart a little story about something very important and relevant to parents up and down the country. And also offer some advice. Ease a little bit of stress. Prepare you for the day. The day that comes but once a year. The day, you have to get your child's birthday card on television or you will look like an uncaring mother and your child will weep. That day. And I say from experience, it is one of the most stressful days imaginable.

The preparation for this started two months in advance. Seriously. Two months! We looked at getting my girls card on Milkshake, CBeebies, Nick Junior and Disney Junior. Straight off. We were already too late for Disney Junior! Shit. So we had to do a three pronged attack with the others. Nick Junior was simple as you literally only have to send a photo. Boom emailed off. Done.

Next? The big dogs. Milkshake and CBeebies. We went onto their sites to look at what we had to do. We opted to make a Peppa and a Mr Tumble card. And being literally two of the least creative people on the planet. We struggled. We rowed for a good hour over whether to do Miss Rabbits bus or balloon. Like an actual row. By the time the Mr Tumble came to being done I just went alone to save fighting over Lord Tumble.

So the cards were sent off in huge jiffy bags (£5 postage!) and then we waited. The night before my girls third birthday I felt sick. Not sick with the excitement of seeing her opening gifts. Sick with the stress of if the card will be on. I had already set the sky plus to record both channels the whole morning. But that didn't stop me and the hub watching in between each programme like maniacs. Every time we would sit there doing that thing you do when you are a parent and you don't want your kids to know you are stressed but your voice goes all high. And you sound more manic. I was even sweating. Profusely.

How To Get Your Kids Card On CBeebies
Boom! Hell yeah Miss Rabbit's Bus!

And then. At the very end. 9.45am. It happened. It really happened. On Milkshake. My crap Miss Rabbits bus card. Was on. IT WAS ON! I started hysterically screaming. Which in turn made the baby cry and the dog howl like a wolf. And I'll be honest the girl? Wasn't really arsed. BUT IT WAS ON! I am the best mom in the world ever! High five me. A did a little trot around the room. CBeebies rejected my Tumble card. Nick Junior rejected the picture but Milkshake? Bloody loved it. Boom!

So let me impart my getting a card on TV wisdom:

  • Use A3 card
  • Decorate it brightly with characters relevant from that channel (no Peppa on CBeebies no IgglePiggle on Milkshake)
  • Picture of your child with a good close up of their face.
  • No logos on their clothes! Or they won't show it.
  • Write the message clearly and visible on the back and the date you want it shown.
  • Cards need to be sent at the latest a month before hand. Christmas time even more, as they are busy.
  • Nick Junior send a lovely birthday email with the for free with your child's face in regardless of it it is on tele or not (aces).
  • Not all cards are shown so prepare yourself for disappointment!
  • CBeebies put on their fb page the times the cards are going on the day before.

Here are the links to the special card pages:
And finally do me a favour. If your child has a birthday first week of December or first week of January. Please make them really really crap so I stand a chance again!
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