Our very first and very brummy vlog!

It was always my grand plan to start vlogging. When off on maternity leave I discovered the joy of vlogs. Oh the joy! They make me so happy! There is nowt finer than watching five or ten minutes of peoples day. Call me weird but I just love them (must be that reality TV obsession of mine).

Anyway I digress. So I finally decided to have a crack yesterday at our very first vlog. I say 'our' as it is going to be a family affair featuring my boy and girl (hub is camera shy). I aim to upload to You Tube each week when I can and throughout the summer will show you different days out we have been on. To give you some ideas of what to do with two toddlers really.

Apologies in advance for the following 1) the girl always talks gibberish which I think is hilarious 2) WE ARE SO BRUMMY!!! WHY ARE WE SO BRUMMY??? The country's least attractive accent. Fact. So babs. Behold my first crack at a vlog. 'A day out at Thomas Land'. It's no Titanic I tell thee. The plot is thin and the girl talks about monkey's bums, and at one point I have no make up on (don't scream). But I hope to get better. Ta daaaaaaa!:


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