Dear Miss...A Little Thank You

Dear Miss

This is a letter to say thank-you. I couldn't say it when my beautiful girl left your reception class door this afternoon as I was crying. Not because I am sad. The opposite. Because I am happy. I am overjoyed that she left crying saying that she would rather be in school for the summer. She wept all the way home that she would miss her friends and her Year 6 buddy that she will never see again. You made her very first year in education one of the favourite of her short life.

You patiently helped her to read. Supported her when she wrote. And never minded when she got her 2s and 5s mixed up. All the time. You played games with her. You liaised with your learning support assistant so beautifully that you were a seamless team that helped my girl grow into the amazing five year old she has become. This year she has been excited to go on trips, over the moon when I came in to be the secret reader and whilst the never ending fancy dress days sometimes drove me mad? She loved each and every one of them.

This Italy Project nearly killed me

You also coped with us parents triumphantly. Our nervous hanging around the door each morning and afternoon. Notes for this. Queries over that. And I'm sure sometimes you wanted to scream "FOR GODS SAKE BACK OFF". But you didn't. You just smiled as we blabbered on about sore throats, sleepless nights and holidays we were trying to sneak off to. You didn't mind when I forgot tuck money. For two whole terms. And were kind to my girl when cake money escaped my mind and you handed her a 50p.

Italy Day. Obvs!

Being a teacher is a tough job and I know all too well the endless planning, marking and paperwork that you have to do on a daily basis. But you never once made me little girl feel anything other than just as loved as she is at home. I was happy that she rejected my high five goodbyes in the morning for favour of running in after her mates laughing. An education is one of the most amazing privileges any human can gain and you have set my girl hopefully on the right path to success.

SMASHING IT! At Sports Day!

She's sad to leave you and I am even sadder. I am worried what will happen next year but if her Year 1 teacher is half as good she will continue to have an amazing time in school. So next time you're marking, in front of the tele, late at night rather than going out. Or are bogged down with all the million sheets of paperwork that you have to get through to pass your performance management. Remember my beautiful smiley girl and how she loved you almost as much (and sometimes a bit more) than her very own Mummy.

Mrs Conway x

First Day V Last Day. Oh the sobs
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