Sunday, 17 July 2016

15 Signs You Are A Parent In the Midst Of A HEATWAVE

1) You first hear of the hot weather when you check your weather app whilst you are watching CBeebies at 6:01am. You then tell everyone you come into contact with throughout the day, ranging from your husband to the lady that calls up about PPI, that we are "GOING TO HAVE A HEATWAVE".

2) You do approximately seven loads of washing to make sure your washing line is full to the brim at any one point.

3) You dig out an old tatty Primark beach dress, last seen worn in Lanzarote, and parade around in your garden in it at 8am. Hanging your washing up with no bra underneath it. The neighbours won't mind as "WE ARE HAVING A HEATWAVE".

4) You start to get the urge to drink Pimms around 11am. You last out till 1pm. Drinking in the garden does not count. It's like the 15 Fab ice lollies you consumed. No calories when the sun is out! You will sweat them all out of your system. Right?

5) You send your other half out for "emergency heatwave supplies" like a giant fan from Asda and garden recliners from Argos. He texts he's going to be a while "as the queues are f*cking massive". Everyone else? Has had the same idea.

No bra on, on my 589th ice lolly and about to hang out MORE washing

6) To ensure that your children make the most of the heatwave (did I mention we are going to be right in the midst of one?) you get every single garden related toy out. From the teepee that hasn't seen the light of day since last year, to the Poundland water pistols, to the paddling pool...

7) ...that of course has got a 25 holes in it so your other half is sent out to Argos again. You ask him to look at how much sandpits are.

8) You dress your little ones as if they are about to go to a rave in Ibiza. The brightest beach dresses, the trendiest t shirts. They are in hats, sunglasses and jelly shoes. And a whole heap of factor 50.

9) You and your other half exclaim every ten minutes "GOD IT'S SO HOT ISN'T IT? IT REALLY IS? DO YOU THINK IT'S THIS HOT IN GRAN CANARIA? I BET IT ISN'T". Followed by "shall we have another Pimms?".

10) You start to discuss what it would be like to live in a really hot country all the time. Maybe you should move? It would be bliss!


11) You eat every possible meal outside and when you find your kids creeping back into to watch the tablet you shout "GET OUTSIDE! WE ARE HAVING A HEATWAVE DON'T YOU KNOW".

12) Your husband does the whole garden in his socks, slippers, shorts and no top. He's sweaty, ruddy and mumbling something about "god it really is hot isn't it?".

13) You decide you will only BBQ food from now on but your husband tells you to "f*ck off" when you ask him to go to Argos to buy a £300 gas one that you just have to have.

15) But then? The pressure to stay outside is a bit much. The kids keep spraying you in the face with a water pistol and all you really want to do is go inside and have a nice cup of tea and watch the tele. You start to worry about a sweaty bedtime and how you won't leave the fan on for fear of it setting the whole house on fire. Someone's been stung by a bee and the jelly shoes have ripped your daughters feet to shreds. Your husband smells a bit and the paddling pool is now just sludgy dirty grass water. You put ideas of a sandpit on hold and are relieved to see your app tells you it's going to p*ss it down in a few days. Thank god for that.

Our air conditioner unit. We are always a bit too scared to have on


  1. Crying with laughter...the sweaty husband brilliant. Or if you are my dad...socks n crocs! Which should only be seen on a 3yo not and definitely NOT a 65yr old man!

  2. haha this is spot on! My husband found a giant fan in the garage that is now on in our lounge and it's a tad windy!! I made him blow up the paddling pool at the crack of dawn and he spent about 3 hours repairing the punctures..oops. We had a bbq for lunch and we might have another burger later, cos eating al fresco is what you do in a heatwave isn't it!

    p.s the paddling pool is now full of grass and has deflated a bit. theres 1500 toys scattered around the garden and I have enough hot dog rolls to feed the whole of Dorset. Sat here minus my bra and trousers contempating an ice cream!

  3. Your air conditioning unit looks like its got a happy yet slightly menacing face!!

  4. We get so over excited when the sun finally arrives! Yep, I've managed two loads of washing today and I think we're the only ones in our road not to have had a barbecue! X

  5. Ha ha, all so very true! Does anyone else get great pleasure from the three days a year when it's so hot that you can hang washing out at 10pm and it's dry by 8am?!

  6. Brilliant!!

    I've done so much washing, the basket is empty. It is all gloriously dry....
    I'm now just ignoring the pile or ironing the size of Mount everest as it is far far too hot to even contemplating turning on a heat source like an iron!!!

  7. Made me smile throughout! The greatness of British weather lol! It's so hot! I'm dreading tonight. I love the nice weather though

  8. You forgot the bit where the kids are so sweaty and grubby you put them in the sink for another hour! Que water all over the kitchen floor!


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