An Ode To The Real Housewives

My name is Emma and I have a secret that I am not even guilty about. I love. And by love I actually said to my husband this morning "If this show didn't exist I don't what I would do!" the Real Housewives. I can't quite pinpoint which one is my favourite as I love different series for different reasons. I love New Jersey as watching Teresa flip a table all those years ago was one of my favourite shocking TV moments EVER. I love New York as whilst I long to be a Bethany I am probably more of a Dorinda. And don't get me started on Beverly Hills which shows me a lifestyle that I can only dream of. Yet I never feel jealous of these ladies. I weirdly feel like one of them.

To find a TV show that is based on the lives of older women is rare. Especially those that are living their best lives. Generally women in their 40's (if they feature in anything at all) play downtrodden Mums, women desperate to get out of their marriages or worse if she loves fashion and has anything other than a dour personality. She is cast as the cougar, ready to pounce at any time. But these ladies live life to it's fullest. Of course many of them have money, houses, cars and a staff that I can only dream of. So I suppose it's quite easy to look happy and well rested when you have people to help you do it. But I don't begrudge them a single penny. I love it.

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The show for me is about female friendship. The ups. The downs. And the inbetweens. And whilst of course I am not condoning flipping a table. Surely most of us at some point or other have dreamt about doing just that. I live vicariously through their arguments knowing I would NEVER have the balls to do what they do. And more fascinating the fact that they bounce from these fall outs. Being stronger friends than ever. Of course you can say it's semi scripted. They have to be friends for a TV show but recently I spent a happy Sunday morning stalking many of their instagram accounts. Where you can see that in some cases these women have been long time friends. And relish spending time in each others company.

I am aware that its quite possibly a bit odd for a 41 year old mother of two who lives in Birmingham to write something all about how she loves a gang of women that don't know her. That have lives so far removed from mine. But to me. They aren't that far removed. Sure they drive insane cars, have size 2 figures and shop in Chanel but at the core they subscribe to an ideal that is so close to my heart. That even though I'm growing older I have no desire to do it quietly. I don't want to fade into the background. If anything post 40 I am fuelled by an attitude that is half 'no shame' and half 'who cares!'.

These women in their 40s, 50s and approaching 60s are showing that life isn't over. They can still have the deepest bond with their friends. They can still dance on tables and many of them are still chasing their dreams. It might be Lisa with her dog shelter, Teresa with her body building or Sonja with those ballet pumps that feature her ex husbands monogram (do you remember when she tried to sell those ovens? Amazing). But for me they give me hope that life really does begin at 40. And in some small way, in their huge mansions I would like to think they would like to hang around a woman like me. Who dances in her tights and sells mugs from her living room. Real Housewives. I salute you....
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