The Don't Beat Yourself Up Guide To Being A Bit Bored

It is often said that being a Mum is the most rewarding job in the world. Elderly people say when they see me with my two little ones that I should "soak up every moment". And I do. I love the way they cuddle me so tight when they are feeling upset or just want to tell me that they love me. When my girl runs up to me with another picture she has drawn of me and her at pre-school. Watching them play happily with each other makes me literally want to squeeze them so hard and make a strange noise. They have changed me forever for the better, this is undeniable.

But sometimes (whispers) I'm well...a bit bored. Sometimes I am looking at the clock at 3pm and thinking "when the god damn hell is my husband coming home?". If I hear the Peppa theme tune one more time I feel I am going to gauge my own ears out. And that story that my girl loves so much was cute the first 147 times I read it? Now. I want to change the plot so all the characters mysteriously vanish (die. I want them to die).

Hide and seek again you say? BRILLIANT!

And I instantly feel guilty and tell myself "but these are the days of your life and you are wasting them away being bored". I think of my friends who have to work full time and would KILL to be with their kids everyday. I think of the time in the not to distant future when they will both be at school and I will hate myself for not being a better Mum every single day.

But? I reckon even Beyonce her good self sometimes thinks "I don't want to be Sasha Fierce today. Today I want to lie in a room all alone and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey whilst gorging on chocolate. I don't want JayZ to make me do a duet with him. I want him to just f*ck off". But much like Beyonce? We stick a smile on it. Whilst we may not suck it up and put on a sparkly dress to go and dance at the Super Bowl (that would mean I would have to shave my legs). We also pretend.

Let's get out of the house and have fun! Yes you can wear Spiderman shoes. Sigh

We develop ways to make ourselves not be bored. This may be hiding in the kitchen to do a bit of washing up and blasting out 90s music whilst they play tea parties for the millionth time. Or stating "lets go to the park!" in the vein hope we get five minutes respite to do a bit of stalking on Facebook. And I am here to say that it's OK. Motherhood, like everything, is going to have it's amazing shiny moments, and those few moments where you want to have a little lie down in a darkened room alone for five minutes.

So next time you are feeling a bit bored. You can't believe it is only 11:30am, it's p*ssing down with rain outside and you are housebound with a poorly child. Don't feel guilty. Think to yourself "these are the days of my life but this is just a particularly s*it one which will help to make the other ones look even more fantastic". And Thank God you're not Beyonce. Bet she has to wash her hair every day. Poor sod.
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