Dear Parent...

Dear Parent,

Congratulations! Your child is going to school. They are about to be flung into the big bad world and learn all sorts of things that will help them to grow up to be fine, young adults. Stop sobbing! It's OK! I promise you, it's going to be OK. Look, let me set your mind at ease. I'm a teacher. And no, not all teachers are like Mr Bronson from Grange Hill. Or that odd PE teacher that dished out too small towels in the shower rooms when you were in fifth form. Nope, controversially? Some people enjoy being teachers! I know? Mad isn't it.

There's lots of writing around to help you to ease your child into attending pre-school, or reception or even gulp 'big' school. But what about you? Your worries and concerns? I promise you this, when your child is in my care or any of my other hard working colleagues? We look after them like they are our very own. OK so no I don't let them watch Peppa and have the odd sneaky pack of Smarties whilst I wash up. Let me rephrase it. In that one day, or one hour your child is in front of us. We treat them with the love and respect that your child deserves.

We love them you know like our own (we just don't give them Smarties...often)

Now, I'm not saying there aren't times when your child can be, how can I put it politely? A bit of a sod. But the other 99.9% of the time we like being around them just as much as you do.  We love to watch them learn, grow, laugh and have fun. I've seen teachers cry at proms (that may have been me), or spend their spare time cheering on the sidelines at after school football matches. I've seen them scream and fist punch the air behind closed doors when a child passes an exam the government predicted they couldn't (silly, silly government).

Do not worry. When you leave your child at that school gate, or pop them on the bus with their lunch money, your precious tiny 4 year old or great sulking 16 year old is being looked after by a group of people who have decided above all careers in the whole wide world (and I would have made a killer international pop star) that they want to hang around with your kid and teach them sh*t.

Check their bags!

Now, stop sobbing and do me a favour will you. It is easier to teach your child when trip letters are handed in on time. Or when your 14 year old owns an actual pen. So ever so often trawl through their pockets for screwed up bits of important paper and pop a pencil case in their bag. We will be forever grateful.

Yours fondly,

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