Now You Are Five...

Dear my beautiful little girl

Today you turned five. Five! Today you became a proper little girl. When you were four I kidded myself that you were still a toddler even though you ran into school each morning with a grin and a skip. In my head you were still a tot but at five? I can't fool myself anymore. You? Are growing up.

There are no more naps in the afternoon where I come and watch you or lie next to you and sniff you sweaty forehead. Nights where you awake calling for me are rare and I never hear the thud of feet running down the corridor to jump into my bed and have a cuddle in the small hours.

Mornings are rushed, you have set an office up in your bedroom and your main aim is to produce as many love notes as humanly possible to me. 'Emma'. 'I love Emma'. 'Erin loves Emma'. 'Emma is boss'. 'Emma is Mummy'. 'I love Mummy'. I like to think it is because I am your total and utter number one. But in reality? Stephen is too hard to spell. I have drawers full of these notes and often look at them when you are at school.

You no longer smell like a baby. You smell like a little girl. You come home full of fish fingers and mash. Sometimes you have felt on your cheeks or paint in your hair. There's no struggle over what outfits you want to wear as you have your style and I have just caved in and gone with it. Your legs are so long you're wearing tights two sizes too big and despite still playing with Disney Princesses, CBeebies now is totally off your radar.

I miss you being a baby. I miss your cuddles and afternoons lying in bed. When you are school I wonder if you think of me. Or miss me. But I am pleased to say? I don't think you do. Whilst I wish you longed for me, I know you are happy in the presence of your new friends and learning. Your teacher says you are doing so well and I couldn't be prouder.

So whilst I miss my crazy little toddler, it's a pleasure to have you in my life as my lovely little girl. Whilst afternoon naps are gone. Sleepovers are in. We giggle whilst watching films about talking dogs and you ask me questions about everything and anything. Some I would rather not answer...just yet. My little tot has gone but my dear girl you will always be my baby.

Love Mummy xxx

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