21 Thoughts You Have Whilst Watching Kids TV

1. Oh I've not seen this one before...(swiftly followed by)
2. ...Oh f*ck I've seen it about 587 times!
3. Daddy Pig is a moron.
4. Topsy and Tim's Mum is on 'the drugs'.
5. Upsy Daisy is a bit of a ho.
6. Wonder what it would be like to kiss Mr Bloom?

8. "Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol la la la la la laaaaaa" (God it's so catchy).
9. Why is Mr Potato SO big?
10. Why are my kids so enamoured by Mr Tumble when I am so repulsed?
11. How would I react if Dr Ranj was my doctor if I went to hospital?
12. The scaling on In The Night Garden really doesn't work. In fact? It's preposterous!
13. Peppa Pig and Pedro by rights should not be the same size.

14. Wasn't this episode on about two hours ago?
15. Granny Murray clearly has psychotic tendencies.
16. THERE IS A NEW CBEEBIES PRESENTER? I'm not sure I like him/her.
17. "TRE FU TOM!" (God it's so catchy)
18. Peppa Pig is actually a bit of a d*ck isn't she?
19. YES! It's the Bloom in the wetsuit outfit episode! Get the pause button ready!
20. Should I feel guilty the kids are watching TV?...(swiftly followed by)
21... well I'll just given them another hour or so so I can do the housework/wee/drink hot tea and so on #godblesstv #tvsaveslives
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