10 Things I Have Learnt Since Becoming A Mum

The guilt never goes
You start off feeling guilty about bottle feeding and returning back to work. Then your guilt may change to worrying about stopping dummies and school places. It's always a constant and whilst it can sometimes be overwhelming? It's better to feel guilty rather than not giving a sh*t.

The worry never goes
See above. And like guilt? It can also sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night and get you in a vice like grip until your husband tells you to shut the f*ck up and go back to sleep.

You give less sh*ts
I feel that as soon as you have a hand shoved up your bits, or a surgeon has to sew them back together or your Father In Law watches you breastfeed? Your shame goes. It's gone. I've got no shame left. But that's no bad thing. I overshare with strangers. Laugh if I fall over in public. And have told the postman "Love You!". Then lolled about it for a good hour after. It's liberating!

Being a Mum

You love hard...
It sounds w*nky, and if you've not yet had your baby you probably won't believe me, but there is no greater love than the love for your kids. Gary Barlow could walk in this room now, with a gin in one hand, naked and holding a box of chocolates over his bits. And I STILL wouldn't love him as much as my kids. I KNOW RIGHT?

...And you hurt hard
With the love comes the bone crushing hurt. Maybe when your child is poorly. Or that heart stopping moment when you lose sight of them for a second in Asda (check the magazine aisle they will gravitate to there). When they come home and say "no-one will play with me at school Mummy" or those bits where you are so exhausted you feel you can't do it anymore...

You can survive off two hours sleep (just)
...But you carry on. It's amazing how many times I have done a full days work after just a few hours sleep. Or got the whole family ready to be at the school gate on time when all I wanted to do was lie down and weep. The lack of sleep is inhuman. But it is possible to cope with (bar the times you have a little cry and shout at your other half that you are "MOST TIRED").

You can juggle a million balls at once
I feel that I am always juggling a million balls. Working. Cleaning. Being a good friend. Being a good wife. Being a good Mum. More cleaning. Keeping in touch with family and maintaining personal hygiene. Sometimes a few balls get dropped but I scoop them back up and keep on trying.

Becoming A Mum

Your gut instinct is usually right
There have been times when I have been lying in bed mulling over a decision (see worry). My head saying one thing whilst my gut said another. And I can hand on heart say that if your gut says something? Go with it. It may seem like not the right choice. There will be other Mums or family members who will disagree with you. But you know your children best.

Nothing will ever be the same again...
Before kids I fully intended on getting back in my thongs. I was going to rock a heel to work and my husband and I were going to have weekly dates. Non of that happened. My whole life changed. My body changed. My mind changed. My priorities changed.

...But you don't mind
And I'm glad. If all that change means that I get to have my two beautiful children in my life every worry, every sacrifice, every time I've screamed "BUT I AM JUST SO F*CKING TIRED!" means it's all been worth it. Even on the days when it seems that it isn't.
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