Dear Home

It seems funny writing a letter to a building. Bricks and mortar. Wobbly floorboards and well worn walls. But for the past decade you have been a good friend to me. I moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband, full of dreams and hopes for a wonderful future. Both in our 20's. Not knowing what was around the corner. I was carried over the threshold and we fell onto the floor laughing. Excited about the adventures we had to come.

Moving House
Our final family photo at Home

For the next few years you became a place for lazy lie ins, evenings with friends and we decorated you with knick knacks from our travels. Our two cats patrolled the floors and I'm sure you must have laughed when the eldest Pete used to attack us on the loo. They were joined by a puppy called Lucy much to their dismay. I remember sitting in my bedroom and having phone calls during those first few carefree years about friends getting engaged. And you must have been able to hear the sadness in my voice as I congratulated them. Whilst desperately wishing it was me.

Moving House
My wedding day

Little did I know our then dining room would be the scene of a very nervous 6ft2 man saying to me "you know I love you very much" and dropping to his knee with a dozen pink roses and an engagement ring. Me screaming "YES" swiftly followed by "I've got to go and put this on Facebook immediately".  I opened your door on my wedding day to my Dad who cried at the sight of me in my dress and I returned a Mrs. With high hopes of baking and being a "proper lady".

Moving House
My evening. Every night

As your kitchen will tell, that never quite happened. I'm sure you would groan every time we put in a pizza or felt fancy and decided on Mexican. I wonder if you knew what was going to hit you when I took my first pregnancy test alone in your bathroom and discovered that our family was going to grow. As I had no idea. The walls echoed with me being sick, crying and wondering what they hell I had let myself in for. My bedroom becoming a haven. The blind drawn and my husband bringing me ginger nut upon ginger nut.

Moving House
My baby girl in our garden

Moving House
My beautiful boy with Lucy

The crying quickly changed from mine to that of a newborn. And you changed. You were no longer a  house for two but a home for three. Each radiator decorated with babygros and each room teaming with toys. You watched my beautiful baby girl crawl, walk, talk. And you made room for one more in the shape of a little boy. I wondered if you minded raisins being squished into your beautiful wooden floors or that your dining room was now a playroom of epic proportions.

Moving House
My baby boys 1st birthday compete with his Belle big sister

I never wanted to leave you Home. For years I've said "No". But we outgrew you. Those babies you sheltered so well have grown, the cats are long gone and we need more space. I'm sure my new house will soon become Home but you will always be special to me. Only you and I saw what happened during those days with two babies. Only you and I witnessed me swirling around a newborn whilst a toddler sang Princess songs at the top of her voice. To some you are bricks and mortar. To me you will be forever embedded in my mind.

Love Em xxx

PS I'm sorry I threw a plate at my husband once and it hit your living room wall. But I know you thought he deserved it too.

Moving House
Stinky Pete and Babs. My very first babies

Our Lovely Home... 
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