Friday, 17 November 2017

I Often Watch You Whilst You Sleep

I often watch you 
Whilst you sleep
I quietly open the door
 And in I creep

I stand quite still 
And stop and stare
Too scared to breathe 
In case you know I'm there

You're so cross at the moment 
And it's hard to see
And say you "hate" me

You row with your sister
And call her names
You start off playing nicely

You're so well behaved at school
But when you're back at home
I can't quite work out what you need

You scream that you're hungry
Then won't eat your tea
You say you want a cuddle
Then try to wrestle me

I miss my baby boy
Who was fair and oh so sweet
So happy and content
Went shy for people that we meet

I know it's just a phase
And one day this time will go
You will start to say "yes!"
Instead of screaming "NO"

So inside your room
Each night I stand
I kiss your rose bud lips
And hold your chubby hand

You'll always be my best boy
Even when you can be quite cruel
I know that you're just tired
From all that fun in school

So each night I will hover
And quietly look and stare
You won't remember it
But please know I was always there. 


  1. Welled up reading that ��

  2. Naw... i felt ALL of that and it gave me goosebumps! Hang in there... your lil man will come good again xx

  3. This is absolutely beautiful <3

  4. Beautiful, I had a little tear in my eye reading this. xx

  5. Brought a lump in my throat x its so sad they have to grow and change but also exiting to see the next stage x

  6. Oh my god Emma, I can totally relate to this because my little boy just started school and is exactly the same. He is so good at school but comes home a terror. But I adore him and love every cuddle. I have just discovered your blog. It is so good it has inspired me to start my own and I love it. So thank you for inspiring a hobby I didn't know I had.😘

  7. Can so relate to this with my Ethan at the moment. <3 xx


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