You Just Keep Growing Up...

To my beautiful girl

This week you turn 7? SEVEN! How the heck did that happen? It doesn't seem two minutes since I watched you sleep next to me. Your rose bud lips pouting and hair all stuck to your sweaty baby forehead. I am sure it was only last week that you learnt to walk or said "Mama" as you first word. Since then there have been first days at school, learning to read and writing me endless love notes. Which I'm thankful to say you still do on daily basis. You are seven. Half way to 14 which I understand to be the most tricky of ages for a teenage girl.

I was worried when you turned six that things would change. That you would no longer be my little girl. In some ways I was right. Days are no longer spent watching CBeebies and you turn your nose up at Peppa Pig (even though I catch you sometimes engrossed whilst your little brother watches it). You prefer to watch tweens talking about American Girl dolls on YouTube. And can often be found showing me videos you have made where you do a 'bedroom tour' on your tablet in an odd hybrid Brummie/LA accent.

Each morning you still run up the stairs to give me a cuddle. Even though you are all arms and legs now. You jump on your Dad's back as he takes you downstairs. Your limbs dangling dangerously close to the floor and your Dad groaning that little bit more than before under the weight of you. Your eyes light up when you see me waiting to get you from school. We might not sit and play tea parties so much anymore but my favourite part of the week is helping you with your homework project. Whether it be chatting about Judaism or worrying about the people on The Titanic. You are learning the violin "because Mummy did" and were chosen as school council rep (even though you didn't really understand what it just wanted a fancy badge).

There is one thing that has changed. You are showing those little dreaded feelings that appear as you start to grow up. A tiny bit of worry here about your pets dying. A tiny bit of red faced embarrassment there when your Mum does something daft. Long gone are the days where you would show off your pants in the middle of the park whilst you sang at the top of your voice. But those beautiful moments are replaced with wonderful chats and discussions. Girly days together shopping or sleepovers with Mummy watching a film and eating popcorn.

Six was glorious. As was 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. I used to cry the night before each birthday. So very sad that you were growing up. But now I don't find it so hard as I realised you do grow up, things do change but I change with you. Our relationship changes together. And it's amazing. I know it won't be long until you know that I am indeed Santa and that Daddy is the tooth fairy. And possibly those morning cuddles will stop. But for moment? I know seven is going to be just as amazing as six and I can't wait to share the next 365 days with you.

Love Mummy xxx
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