Friday, 20 March 2015

Fearless at Four

One of the things you hope from your little ones is that they grow up a better and more refined version of you. You want to take all your good bits, clean and tart them up and put them back into your children. Then banish the bad bits and add some extra snazzy, sparkly stuff. My issue is I'm a wimp. Sure I'm quite gobby and have no problem talking in front of hundreds of kids. Or writing a blog post that doesn't paint me in the best light. But.

I'm scared of things. Not like snakes and spiders. I'm scared of the fun things. I'm not a fan of heights. Or rides. Or anything with a small element of I MIGHT DIE. OK slight overreaction. I'm not a thrill chaser and weirdly it is something that holds you back. I was always the one on school trips to Alton Towers holding the bags in the rain whilst everyone else went on Nemesis. But my girl?

She. Is. Fearless. She runs. She jumps. She climbs. She laughs. She screams. She's there. In the midst of it. Not being afraid. And in return? She's made me a little less afraid. She's made me want to push myself so I can be a better me. I may climb up the odd climbing frame or jump on the odd ride in a theme park. She's took one of her amazing bits and put it into me. And for that I am forever grateful.



  1. Cute pics babs! Mine is much the same. I love it, no wimpy kids for me :)

  2. My little boy (just turned 3 - sob!) is absolutely fearless - he went on his first roller coaster last summer, granted it wasn't very big, but I screamed all the way round at the back as I was so scared - he was at the front laughing and screaming for it to go faster! I am dreading it when he gets even bigger and wants to go on more dangerous stuff lol! Fab post - your girl is a beaut! x

  3. Very sweet. I became deathly afraid of heights when I turned 30. I'm hoping my son can do for me what your daughter has for you! I want to be the fun mom with him that does all those things.


  4. What a lovely post. I tried to encourage Freya not to be afraid of spiders (after my mum passed some of her fear on to me) and it has backfired spectacularly! I hope you both continue to be brave :)

  5. That's brilliant! Good for her and good for you :) Sadly I've found being a parent has made me more scared, rather than less, in a very similar way to you - anything where death (or injury or illness) could be even the slightest possibility for the kids or me.

  6. Yes I've got a fearless little girl too! She dives off things and is pretty robust! But then she does have a twin brother who wrestles her so she's got to be pretty tough! Love this post - the pics are adorable. She's gorgeous xx

  7. Ah I love this post. I love that concept of her having put one of her best bits into you. She is such a mini-you! Beauts!xx


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