Thursday, 20 July 2017

10 Things To Not Beat Yourself Up About This Summer Holiday

1. It's Ok To Dread The Summer Holiday A Bit
It might be because you have the nightmare of trying to work out childcare or because like me you are faced with six weeks with two small children. It's OK to dread the summer holidays a bit. Whilst a lot of moments can be magical there are some bits? That are f*cking hard work.

2. Your Children Won't Get Square Eyes
So I've got my two beauts alone for six weeks. 11 hours a day. That equates to over 330 hours to entertain them. So I am telling you now if a few of those hours are watching TV so I can go for a wee, or watching a bit of YouTube so I can have a five minutes rest? I shall be feeling not one jot of guilt. Sometimes it's about survival.

3. No Mother Is An Island
If you can? Get help. Try and save up for a few summer play schemes. Or get your parents to take them out for a couple of days. Even if it's only two it's easier to know that in a fortnight you may have a day's rest. It will help the madness not seem so overwhelming.

summer holiday
No greater joy than riding on the front of a bus!

4. Ignore Your Kids
I find this one REALLY hard. But sometimes it's good to ignore your children. I don't mean they are roaming the streets whilst you drink Pimms in the garden. I mean don't pamper to their every need. Let them play. Let them use their imagination. Think of what we did in the summer holidays. Just having a laugh and messing about. Let them do that too.

5. Do Free Sh*t
Summer can mean spending LOADS of money. But remember your summers? You may have gone to Alton Towers for one massive treat and the rest of the time you did nothing. Kids weirdly just love hanging out with us. They adore roaming around on buses. Watching planes taking off. Hell even a visit to Pets at Home. Every day can be an adventure. Just not one that costs £150.

6. Embrace The Mess
In the past I've got myself in a state because the house is in a state. But? It doesn't really matter. I've now embraced that every floor will be covered in LEGO. Each crevice will have raisins shoved in. Peppa will be on full blast and most meals will be heavy on the crisps.

summer holiday
LET'S HAVE A MOVIE DAY!!! (aka not getting dressed and staying in bed)

7. Make A Little Plan
I usually print out a month plan of the summer and then phone my equally terrified mates up and say "right let's get some play dates organised". If you book one or two in a week and take it in turns at least you know you've got something planned. A few hours to ignore your kids whilst they mess someone elses house up. BLISS!

8. Bribes Work
"Children shouldn't be bribed they should behave well all the time". B*llocks. When you're an adult you're going to do better at work if there's an incentive so use ALL THE BRIBES! Mine have a tick chart with things on it like "don't try and kill your brother". They work towards pocket money and yeah I use the "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR TICK" threat 400 times a day. But it works!

9. Be Inventive
Little kids adore their parents. I am still baffled just quite how much my pair love me. So things we think are a bit sh*t like putting a Disney film on so I can have a little rest can be sold as "Hey guys! Fancy making a cinema at home? We can have popcorn, snuggle under blankets and sing songs!". They will be all "THIS SOUNDS THE BEST THING EVER!". God love em.

summer holiday
No Square Eyes!

10. Have Fun
Summer is hard. Summer is long. But summer provide some of the happiest memories for our children. We know we're not perfect but they think we are. To them every bus journey is an adventure, every picnic means they may get to eat cake and a movie afternoon? Means cuddles with their number 1 Mum. Take all the photos...soon it will be term time and you can think to yourself "yes I smashed that for another year".


  1. What a great post, it captures perfectly how I feel during the madness of the summer holidays. I am still amazed by how excited my son gets if he has earned his gold star sticker for going to the toilet each time he is asked. He sticks them on a scrappy bit of cardboard but he gets so excited by it!

  2. I personally can't wait for the summer holidays to just do nothing. We have a holiday planned for the middle of August but other than that... I can't wait to not have to be up, dressed and out of the house by 8.45. Squeeee!


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