Sunday, 22 May 2016

Their Childhood Home

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with home interiors magazines. I spend hours perusing beautiful kitchens with those island things, or living rooms with chevron wallpaper and fancy cushions. Wishing I had the time and the crafty nature to make my house super beautiful. Sometimes with small children your home can feel a tiny bit like a prison. I recall lonely hours watching YouTube alone whilst they napped. Or that horrific month both of them had chicken pox and we were stuck in all day watching CBeebies. Them irritable and me slowly losing my mind.

Your house can feel like a never ending chore machine. You get to the bottom of the washing basket only to find that it has been automically filled (more than likely with your husband's giant pants and work clothes) within 15 minutes. The dryer is always on. There are piles of crap everywhere and you can despair. If you are instagramming your tea you pick the one part of the kitchen table that isn't smeared in yoghurt and raisins.

Do you remember when Mum used to cover the floor in blankets and give us fruit pastilles?
(And said "don't tell your Dad")

But last night when I got in from a day away from the kids (and granted I had had a bit of gin) I got into bed and just thought "thank God I'm home". As this is home. This is their home. This is the place of their childhood memories. Think back to when you were little and those memories you have of your own home. It could be something stupid like a sweatshirt my Mum used to wear ALL the time in the early 90's that we laughed about. Or that happy summer where we had a sprinkler (it was in the shape of a Wuzzle. Big up the Bumblelion massive!) in the front garden and screamed till our throats were raw.

Something you do in your home in front of your kids will be come their urban legends. Will become that funny tale they tell at uni (I imagine me losing my sh*t in the garden when the guinea pig died being a popular one). It really doesn't matter if the vacuum hasn't been put around in the while. Or the fact that there is one photo frame that always hangs wonky. As they don't care. It's their childhood home. It will forever be imprinted on them.

Do you remember when Mum used to make us pose in front of the front door EVERY DAY

And homes can change. You can move. But there will always be other stories. Like when you are a teenager and you had to call your parents to come and pick you up from a friends house to bring you home and then you vomited all the way home in a Spice Girls bin (that may have been my sister). We are their childhood home. Wherever we are. And no amount of shabby chic kitchen displays, or amazing rugs is going to change the fact that sometimes I put MTV on. Sit my children down and do a full dance routine to them. I imagine that getting a few laughs in the university halls of residence.


  1. I love this. When Zach was born and until he was 18 months old, we lived in a tiny rented one bedroom flat. Throughout most of that time, our own house (an actual house) seemed like a dream that was never going to happen. And then the 5% deposit thingy came in (the only thing the government has ever done to really help us) and that dream turned into a reality. We've been in our own home for 2 years now and it's so wonderful to think that we've been able to provide somewhere for Zach to make those memories in. I get so happy watching him play in the garden and in his own bedroom. And knowing we are throwing another one into the mix, and having a home where two brothers can make memories together...That's proper lush! Sorry for the essay - one of those posts that I totally get and you set me off! xxx

  2. So very true! My kids cried when we moved house because they loved our far-too-small, dirty, untidy bungalow because it was their home! The good news is that when they get a bit bigger it is possible to keep a house cleaner and tidier, while they still store up those childhood memories. Although we'll never have a house fit for a magazine - who has time for that sh*t anyway?!

  3. So true. I had a few different childhood homes, but I think this will be the only one the kids remember (we don't plan on moving for a long time). It is quite a nice thought, as this is where their childhood memories will focus. :) xx

  4. Ah, this is all so true and so lovely. I have such fond memories of my childhood home, and you don;t know the bits they'll remember when they grow up, but home's going to be a huge part of it. It's not about the amazing rugs, it's us and our memories. I do like that xx

  5. I love this post because it is so true. I remember the hessian style wallpaper we had in the lounge that the cat climbed to the ceiling once after it was spooked. or the orange stain on the carpet after I had a reaction to talking Calpol (however the carpet was so patterned it was hard to see).

    I hope we are providing our children a place to create memories, although at the moment they'll be along the lines of having a lift and emergency lighting!

  6. Keep it real as always Em. Love it. You're a fab mum and your kids' friends will adore every take about the craziness. X

    1. So many typos. Hope you get my drift?!

  7. Aw this is so true and lovely. I certainly don't have a show home and toys are everywhere. Toys should be played with and our home looks lived it, but you are right it's theirs. xx

  8. Such a lovely post, it is nice to be reminded of the bigger picture sometimes and to imagine my little one (nearly 'ones'!) remembering our house and weird quirks with nostalgia. It is always the insignificant stuff you remember as a child, like the door with your height markings and the tree that was perfect for climbing :) never the messy floors or half-finished DIY projects...


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