Wednesday, 25 May 2016

21 Ways To Use Baby Wipes!

1) Cleaning tiny babies bottoms.

2) Cleaning sick from tiny babies mouths.

3) Cleaning sick from tiny babies mouths that has landed on your leggings.

4) Cleaning potty training poo from toddlers hands.

5) Cleaning potty training poo from toddlers hands that has landed on your leggings.

I heart baby wipes!

6) Cleaning the living room table before your Mum friends come round.

7) Cleaning the kitchen table after breakfast.

8) Cleaning the kitchen table after lunch.

9) Cleaning the kitchen get my drift.

10) Removing your make up after your one night out a year and you are too drunk to wash your face.

11) Having a quick clean of your nethers when you're in a rush #dontjudge.

12) Cleaning the window sill once every six months.

We have a packet for the kitchen table. That's normal right?

13) Cleaning the inside of your car paying close attention to an exploded Froobe you never saw.

14) Cleaning school shoes three seconds before you are due on the school run.

15) Cleaning the dusty top bit of the toilet when your mother in law is due round.

16) Cleaning sticky hand prints off mirrors/windows/doors/door get my drift.

17) Cleaning spilt drinks at other people's houses with a smile and a "sorry they are overtired!!".

Oh your bloody shoes need cleaning again!

18) Cleaning the never ending snot that occurs from the age of 1-4.

19) Removing Elsa face paint your five year old demanded but wants off instantly as "IT ITCHES!!".

20) Cleaning the inside of the fridge/microwave/that random drawer full of crap in your kitchen.

21) Dusting. All objects.


  1. I keep a pack on my table too...perfect table wiping wipes, also the top of the toilet gets wiped with baby wipes or the flushable moist (sorry if you don't like the word moist!!) bottom wipes! 👍🏻

  2. Yes to all of these! I've only just stopped buying them in the last couple of years as they really are so useful. I still miss them from time to time.

  3. Yes! In fact almost anything and anyone that needs cleaning can be cleaned with a baby wipe. They're awesome :)

  4. My children are far too old for baby wipes, in fact they don't go near them
    I still buy them every week specifically for accidents / random cleaning (rare) and "omg- what on earth is that on the wall??" moments!

  5. I was told once, by a carpet fitter, that if you get any stain on a carpet then use a baby wipe first as 9 times out of 10 it will get the stain out. Better than carpet stain removers apparently x


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